High flying planes (1 original video)

in #photography4 years ago

Some footage of planes I've taken all flying at 32000 feet (6.1 miles high) or 36000 feet (6.8 miles high) taken with my Nikon P900.

For the plane nerds, here are the details of the flights...

  1. Boeing 767-432 (N841MH DL117-DAL117) travelling from Stuttgart to Atlanta at 32000ft (6.1 miles high)
  2. Boeing 767-323 (N397AN AA45-AAL45) travelling from Paris to New York at 36000ft (6.8 miles high)
  3. Boeing 767-432 (N839MH DL67-DAL67) travelling from Zurich to Atlanta at 32000ft (6.1 miles high)
  4. Airbus A330-202 (EI-DIR AZ628-AZA628) travelling from Rome to Chicago at 36000ft (6.8 miles high)


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