I was waiting for this post :)
Welcome to dtube and keep going :)))

There will be plenty more DTube videos, don't you worry! :)

Nice to hear that 😊
I will probably resteem next one if it is good, but i have no doubts!

it's really nice to watch them, and your sharing makes me happy. It is very nice to support you. :)

Thank you for your continued support!

What a wonderful view! I adored it. Good work sir :)

Many thanks!

Wow!! What a Fantastic place in video gorgeous work!

Thank you!

Wow, amazing view..
U take the view using the drone?

If i can say a little, the back sound (music) too slow, maybe u can use little more energic music, that can make different feeling when we watch the video.. 😉

Very good work u did, again.. @movievertigo 😉

Yes, I have a Phantom 3 Professional drone. The music is slow because I wanted the video to feel calm and soothing.

Yup, its really cool video u created @movievertigo.
I wnna do that also, but must wait until i can get one of that drone.

Its still long way for me.. 😩

Nice video, I liked it!


Great! So, Amazing views, Love to see it.

I love flying high above the world. It's wonderful :)

wall since i got many awesome things at your profile thanks to one of my friends he suggect me your profile loved it ... this is amazing

wow this is really amazing such a nice post to the steemit family love it!