Waxing crescent moon just before moonset

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Just as the sun turns orange just before it sets, the moon does too. Here's a crescent moon I captured towards the end of last year, just before it set...


How you film that video? With camera?

Yeah. A Nikon P900

Oo i know that camera @movievertigo, i search on internet and its look awesome, that camera can zoom until we can take picture of the moon clearly, and i saw many picture of the moon on some people's sosmed.

I really one that camera... Seriously.. but its too expensive cost here at my city.. 😞

Hope i can buy that one someday..

Yeah, it really is a great camera!


Waiting for your next post @movievertigo 😉

Amazing video! you have made love it. Can you take video of upcoming A Red Blue Moon??
The following Full Moon, on January 31, is almost a supermoon, according to timeanddate.com's definition (see below) and, for all intents and purposes, it will look like a Supermoon.

More importantly, on this Full Moon night, there will be a total lunar eclipse in some areas, including most of North America, Asia, Australia, and more.

It is also a Blue Moon, as the January 31 Full Moon is the second Full Moon of the month. A totally eclipsed Moon usually looks red, so this may be a rare opportunity to see a red Blue Moon.

I'm from the UK, so I won't see the January 31 lunar eclipse, but there is another lunar eclipse in July 2018 which I will hopefully be able to take some photos and video of.

That's Sound Great, May be little bit on your side also you will see it on 31 January. Let's see..

I hope that you have made already super blue and red moon video. Did you make for us??

Well done! Thanks for posting.

Glad you liked it!