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The role of reptiles in nature is simple and plays a fundamental role. Their disappearance would create an imbalance because they prevent overcrowding and on the other hand they themselves are a food for other animals, especially when they are young. Reptiles control rodents and insects.Their importance to humans is less pronounced but significant.
Although people try to avoid interacting with reptiles, in some countries the flesh of turtles or snakes, for example, is a delicacy. Also, snake venom is used in the manufacture of vaccines. Snake or crocodile skin is highly appreciated in the leather industry.

In this post I will not talk about how others eat reptiles or stuff like this, I want to share with you some simple pictures that are so beautiful ...

This picture is made in a forest where there are many trees drowned by the wind, this tree has attracted my attention because it an him grew these green plants that locals call muscles.


This ravenous clover looks great even if it is a simple plant.


Also this blooming alfalfa...


I put these pictures that seem pretty beautiful to me because I think nature is not just what we see above, in the mountains, in the fields, in the waters but also in the small things from under us.
There are so many beautiful things that people do not notice ...

Original photos taken with Canon EOS 60D! Thank you for visiting my blog!


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