The Danube seen from Serbia

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In a short trip to Serbia, I had the opportunity to photograph the Danube from Serbia.The Danube River, it offers us many riches and untold scenery.



In this photo you can see the Decebal`s head sculpted in the rock.


It is a sculpture of 40.5 meters high and 25 meters wide and is located near the Mraconia Bay, in the area of the Small Boilers of the Danube. The construction has began in 1994 and was completed in 2004.

Below you can see the famous Mraconia Monastery.


This monastery was built in 1523,it was built on the site of a former observation and guidance point of the Danube vessels,was destroyed during the Russo-Austro-Turkish War (1787-1792), being rebuilt and subsequently demolished by the Communist regime in 1967. I think this monastery has a pretty interesting history, so it should be visited.

This beautiful mushroom stood there quietly waiting to be photographed.


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