Visiting Budapest

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I arrived in Budapest in the evening, everything was so quiet and the sight of the city was wonderful. Budapest is the largest city in Hungary, it has a population of approximately 1.7 million inhabitants and is also a cultural city, with over 40 theaters and over 100 museums. What we found interesting in Budapest is that it has many thermal springs, every day, up to 70 million liters of thermal water reach the surface. One of the symbols of Budapest is bridges, the most famous bridge is the "Bridge with Chains", inaugurated in 1849, the work of an English architect. Budapest is set in a charming natural setting, given by the Danube and by the hills on the right bank of the river, the capital of Hungary can offer both millennial historical landmarks and a decoration specific to modern civilization.
Another aspect that I really enjoyed is the fact that most of the buildings, including hotels, garages, and people's homes are incredibly beautiful, at least from my point of view. Some, when you look at them, simply cut your breath away. I would love to have a house there.




When the morning came, I had the opportunity to visit many beautiful places in Budapest.From the window I had a very beautiful view, the city was so beautiful and the Danube was just a step away.




In the afternoon we went to the city, the streets were crowded, and the agitation was in the air. All of this does not count because the buildings and the beauty of the city make you forget everything and admire the city's treasures. I visited the Heroes Square, where the Art Museum and Art Gallery were located, then we saw Parliament and the city at night, and finally we walked through the Medieval Fortress, where the Bastion of the Fisherman, the Matthias Church, Hill Castle and some wonderful statues.



The city is beautiful, you have a lot to visit but the most beautiful place I visited was the Vajdahunyad Castle. It was built in 1908 and completed in 1896. The castle itself is divided into 4 sections, presenting four different architectural styles: Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance and Romanesque. Within each section, the castle is divided and, in total, comprises twenty-one smaller buildings linked together, each of which is conceived as a replica of other important structures that can be found in Hungary and Romania.
The most striking section of the castle is the Gothic wing, modeled after the Corvinus Castle in Hunedoara, which served as the historic house of Hunyadi János, a noble Hungarian from where the name of the castle: Vajdahunyad Castle.Being in the City Park, the castle and his garden has become a pleasant place to stroll.






I also loved the Millennium Monument, which was erected for the commemoration of 1000 years since the Hungarian settlement. At the end of the 36 meter high column is the statue of Archangel Gavril, and at the base are the statues of the most important personalities in the history of Hungary.




After 3 days in Budapest I can say that it is a very beautiful city ready to surprise you at every corner, at every step you make and everywhere in Budapest you can find interesting things to visit,People are friendly and the food is very good. I can not wait to come back again and spend at least two weeks here.

Original photos taken with Canon EOS 60D in Budapest ,Hungary!Thank you for visiting my blog!


Very beautiful scenery, castles, landscapes... I like it!

i`m glad you like it :)

These are really beautiful images, well captured.

Thanks for sharing this. Kudos to you and thumbs up.

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Thanks for sharing this nice photos and post.

you welcome :)

Awesome pohots!!

Very beautiful photos, I am glad you enjoyed your time spent there.