Weekly photography #8 Win 5 SBD

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This time it's simple, make a meme/funny picture with one of these two pictures and win 5 SBD!Last week we did not have any winners so this time I have increased the prize a little. Post the memes in the comment section.
Rules are simple, upvote and resteem this post!
The winner will be nominated on 1 June 2018!
I wish you good luck!!!

22829711_1991779304182592_9160519087277774145_o (1).jpg


Original photos taken with Canon EOS 60D! Thank you for visiting my blog!


Thanks for the opportunity @mu1stu, looking forward to it. : ) i think the new prise is better and motivating and I wish I could take it. Thanks again!

I wish you good luck !:)

Amazing. I would surely be a part of this, thanks for the opportunity sire

I`m glad :D I'm waiting for your meme :)

Thank you i resteem you i follow you

Thank you :)

thats the meme i have come up with.

thank you sir... i like your post ..i wish i can take such award...thank you again sir

for nothing , you just have to try! maybe you will win

ok i will try my best because this is my first post and first day on steemit ...i need an advice from you ,how can i gain more connection to people in this community ..people like you

I think you need to get more involved with people who are here, do not do everything just money...post quality not quantity :) the rest comes by itself

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Amazing work fam nice work 👍

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thank you

Here is my entry! Good luck to all participants!

This is all i could put up



Here is my entry:


Thanks for the opportunity @mu1stu, looking forward to it. : ) i'm lookong for surprise from you.

Yes. I looking to get reward...