Weekly photography #9

in #photography3 years ago

In this post I want to announce the lucky winner of the 5SBD...I can say that all the meme were pretty funny and it was hard for me to choose a winner. Finally, I decided and chose the winner to be...to be...Allesia...Congratulations and good luck next time!


The 5 SBDs have been transferred to the winner!


We go further and in this post I will put some pictures taken at a nearby village,I think many photographic treasures can be found in the village where everything is so simple and beautiful...


Look at how beautiful this cat is sitting on a tree trunk.


How beautiful this straw stack is in the sunlight...


And how beautiful this rose is after a summer rain.



Now at the end of the posts I want to thank all those who participated in the competition last week and hope they will participate again. I wish you all a beautiful day full of joy.
Original photos taken with Canon EOS 60D! Thank you for visiting my blog!


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Hi, Sergiu!

Thanks for winning the contest, I can't wait for the next challenge. I was on vacation and just now I saw that I won. Have a nice day!