I'm back

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I'm back

Hey Steemians.

It's good to be back. I know a number of you may have been wondering where I disappeared to. Some may have thought I lost hope in Steem during the low prices, I didn't.

As always, we all face challenges that we need to tackle and sometimes that may require sacrificing something. In this case, it was my device I needed to sacrifice which is why I was away for quite some time. This is accompanied by the fact that I'm in my finals in University studying Engineering and that comes with it's own challenges too. Enough of the excuses, the summary of it all is that I was away and I'm back.

The next 7 days.

Steem is about sharing, right? We share a lot of things, like images, experience, and most importantly rewards, the favorite for most, that includes me.

For this reason, I chose Steemit to be the one place I'll be sharing all of my experiences over the next 7 days.

The adventure begins - The strip of land as seen from a boat on the creek.

UYC '19

I'm writing this post on a beach house overlooking the Atlantic ocean with the rythm of the waves crashing relentlessly on the shore. Far off on the horizon, a number of vessles can be seen anchored on the Atlantic ocean. On the other side of the narrow strip of land is the Badagry Creek. The land is a few hundred meters wide, extending in either direction as far as the eyes can see.

Anchored vessels on the Atlantic ocean seen on the horizon.

I'm here for the United Youth Camp (UYC), which holds every year at this location in Nigeria.

The views are breath taking and astonishingly beautiful. The camp is going to hold for one week and I intend to share as much as I can of the day's activities and the views here on Steemit.

Beautiful scenery at the camp site.

In the above picture, the Badagry Creek is seen at the bottom right while the Atlantic ocean is on the bottom left corner.


As is expected, I will be very active as there will be a lot of activities, which means I'd be opportuned to gather a lot of Actifit points. I'll post my Actifit report daily with some pictures, but I'm yet to decide if all my subsequent posts will be done using Actifit or to Steemit direct. I'd like to Know what you think about this.

So, there you have it. It's good to be back, and I hope to be more active going forward. I'm curious though, how have you been?

Your friend, @naijauser.

P.S: I had issues attaching the images using Actifit, so I did this post directly on Steemit, posting my Actifit report separately.

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