St. Mary's Assumption Church - New Orleans - Louisiana

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Was out walking (it's great to take some time off the keyboard and experience the real world) and took some pictures of St. Mary's Assumption Church on Josephine Street.


Apparently this Church opened (construction completed) in 1860 and at time there was a large German Catholic immigrant population in this area of New Orleans.


The Church is impressive even among the many, many Churches which are found in New Orleans.


I took several pictures out the outside. I'd like to go back and have a look inside the Church and if possible take pictures of the interior.


I think these pictures turned out well without the sun being out. Although really and truly I have no idea about photography (or even if that's the correct nomenclature).


I like the green grass on the Church property. Great to see that they haven't paved over it.

photo5118567935919630430.jpg nandi bear luke

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Nandibear at the Forum:


Beautiful Church. Excellent photography sir @nandibear.

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Thank you for the kind words in regard to the Church and the photography @msena!

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