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RE: Ultraviolet - Blacklight Photography with Hannah

in #photography3 years ago

Congratulations! You have received a Preemptive Strike from our graphic facilitator, @narashi, on The Steeming Pile!


This post will be featured on our next LIVE broadcast, (Today, August 20th, 2018) at 7:30pm MST on @dlive! Jump on the Pile LIVE, if you're available, and talk about your content channel.

You can view the stream via one of our simulcasters blogs at 7:30pm MST:
(This will be episode # 19, so look for "v1.9" in the title.)

You can call in and join us by dialing US +1-646-558-8655
or using the meeting ID via the Zoom app: 468-186-430!

Again, great work and we hope to catch you on the pile!