The nose on the legs

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It's no secret that I like to shoot various creatures from the micro-world. It's worth it to go diving instead of a relaxed dinner with some beer after sunset. At this time you can see a lot of funny creatures come out of all crevices: shrimps, crabs and those who are difficult to immediately attribute to a certain species.

Today I will tell you about one of these creatures. Meet the owner of an amazingly long red nose and even longer legs. This is arrow-crab or spider-crab . Although it is more like a spider-haymaker, who has grown a very long nose. And this nose on Boneire island stuck out from behind the corner of almost every sponge or stone. So many crab spiders I have not seen anywhere. Even at the Philippines or Indonesia, where the macro world is amazingly rich and diverse.

Here in that small sponge on the bottom, for sure the crab is hiding. And maybe not even one.

Because of its ridiculous proportions, it is very difficult to shoot it. If you want to make a photo of the whole spider-crab, then you have to sail back. Otherwise, his legs just do not fit into the frame with macro-lens. But then the crab itself will be almost invisible. Legs are canes, and the burr of the nose. Carb is unlikely to take more than a percent of the total area of the frame, while the legs will barely get into his ganits. Dilemma.

It remains to wait when crab himself will be grouped more conveniently. But like all other night creatures, the spider-crab does not like light. And if the photographer takes a little longer to shine a torch on him the crab will simply run away. Hide under the stone, where he spent the daylight hours. Well, without the light of the camera until you can not shoot) So it's all about luck.

Although there is a second option. You just need to forget about these legs sticking out in different directions. They still do not make a shot anyway. And then you can shoot large portraits, where, as should the main character becomes the nose. Long, sharp (that's why the second name connects him with an arrow - arow crab) and every now and then something overgrown with a nose. Which, as it sometimes seems, the owner does not always know where to put it. Imagine how it is not convenient for him to eat? It's good that the legs are long and they can bypass the nose to bring some goodies to the mouth)

At the end of the trip, each of us had a lot of pictures of these crabs. But we did not stop shooting them. Oh very funny animals. And it is not known when else we will see them.
Island Bonaire, the Caribbean Sea.


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