About a place where I live.

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I live in chiba prefecture Japan. it is said that it's near tokyo, but I think a countryside and nice except inconvenient transport(about 1.5 hour from tokyo).

In spring, the cherry are were in really full blossom.

On a sunny day, we can find fuji mountain,

and sometime little birds.

Japan is not a concrete jungle yet.


Lovely countryside. I was in Tokyo in April for about a week but all I had chance to see were office buildings, shopping malls and train station. such a pity.

That's too bad. Come back to Japan!

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Japan just neat af . so clean and so green ,
Hopefully i can visit japan in future .
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Please come visit!

Not until you visit my blog hahaha
Just kidding mate :p

Not until you visit? kidding! congratulations!
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So long and goodnight hahaha . thanks mate done my part to you too . :D