When you blend with Autumn

When you blend with Autumn

Deranged Photography Contest/ Wildlife

qhjupeyuow.jpg Hiking with my friend Marley, she has the correct autumn colors. She blends perfect with the background.

My contrubution to @derangedcontests

Deranged Photography Contests/ Wildlife

Beginner Tier

Wednesday theme: Wildlife
Location: Ålesund, Norway
Camera: Samsung SM-G930F/ Samsung Galaxy s7

L❤VE Line Nor @norwegiansteem


She does blend in well but is also so beautiful what a wonderful shot of her and the scenery

Dropping by to see how you're doing. It's been a little while since I've seen you here. Hope all is well. Give the girls a hug and a treat to Marley for me! @norwegiansteem 💞

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