Macro Photo I.D 📷 Weekly Contest No' 10

in #photography • 3 years ago

For the 10th contest I made you a challenging one 🤔
or so I hope 😋

Actualy when come to think of it, this is something that everyone have and use on a daily basis.

Soooo... Try and guess WTF is THAT ⤵️


Contest Rules

Upvote, Follow and Resteem this post.

Leave a comment with your answer - Everyone get to comment only one answer.

Your answer will be a written one, no pictures allowed!

Please follow ALL the rules! - those who won't, will get disqualified from the contest.

I'll choose randomly, 2 lucky winners from all of you who gave the correct answer, and send them 3 SBD prize each.

In case we'll have only 1 winner - he/she will get 5 SBD prize.

In case nobody'll guess the right answer, the prize will accumulate and will be added to next week's contest.

The contest ends 1 week from this post publication.

To show my great appreciation, I'll upvote each and every comment no matter if it has the correct answer.

Do Notice

I will not tolarate cheating! - or in other words, do not open multiple accounts to submit more than 1 answer per person.

Mama didn't raise no fool so know that I can verify each answer and every account.


LG G6+ Cam


come on @nv21089 its a toothbrush for sure I guess like everyone said

שערות של מברשת שיניים...

Good job master , Good luck always

bristles of the toothbrush

It's a toothbrush

This the photo of a toothbrush

מברשת שיניים

מברשת שיניים

It's a Toothbrush

מברשות לשטיפת מכוניות? דימיוני הפרוע👀😘

great job, i also like macro Technique and do it.
have good time.

You should participate in this contast 😄 I checked your blog and saw some very nice macros - good job dear 😄


Hello very interesting friend your contest. My eyes observe the bristles of a toothbrush that are blue, white and green. Regards...

Friend good night, it is an adult toothbrush, Colgate brand ..... it has approximately 1 month of use. almost new in fact it has just been used before publishing the photo ...... greetings and luck for all.

A simple brush

Hello! I have the impression that they are threads of threads

It's a toothbrush



Friend, that's threads to weave.


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