Creating a Panorama of Missoula Montana Early '50s - 65 Year Old 35mm Slides

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Image source: 35mm slides taken by my father with an unknown camera. Scanned by me with a PowerSlide 5000 using VueScan x64 software. There is also some Lightroom editing applied by me.

I have been creating some panoramas lately of my own shots. I decided to go to my mom and dads 35mm slides from the '50s-'80s to see what I could find that might be pano worthy. :) They lived in Missoula for a few years in the early '50s before I was born.

These first 3 shots are how the images came in from the scanner. Even though I used the VueScan software to try and restore the colors this is what I got. Almost B&W images.
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After some adjustment in Lightroom I was able to bring some of the color back to life. Lightroom can be amazing sometimes. :)

And here is the finished panorama stitched together. I did seem to lose some of the edited color in the panorama so that leaves me with some more learning to do.

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Overall I am pleased with the result for 35mm slides that are some 65 years old. My dad had a vision to create a panorama but lacked the technology to do it with the equipment he had. I'm glad I could finish it for him, just wish he was still around to see it.

Thanks for looking and enjoy your day!


This is a pretty cool process, especially with those decade old pictures!

It was a fun process and I was a little amazed that it was even possible. :)

All collection of photography is good.