Panoramas Near My Home

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Here is a collection of panos I stitched together in Lightroom. These were taken at different times of the year and are all with in a few miles of my house.
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Whychus Creek Overlook - The Three Sisters (South,Middle,North) on the left, Mt Washington on the right.
Whychus Creek Overlook

Whychus Creek Overlook - Mt Washington on the left, Three Fingered Jack middle left, Mt Jefferson (snow capped), and Black Butte the cinder cone. Both of these shots show signs of the Milli fire that burned with in a couple miles of our house in 2017.
Milli Fire

Dee Wright Observatory - North and Middle Sister on the left, sunset, Belknap Crater, Mt Washington peaking out of the clouds, and Mt Jefferson on the right in the sun.
Dee Wright Observatory

Whychus Canyon Preserve - This is taken from one of the trails in the preserve on the middle part of Whychus Creek.
Wychus Canyon Preserve

Whychus Canyon Preserve - Three Sisters on the left, Mt Washington center, Black Butte center right, and Mt Jefferson on the right.

Vertical pano of a Ponderosa Pine in the woods near my house.

Some of the main street of my town.

These last three are taken on the road from town out to my house.

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Photos taken by me with a Nikon D3300 and CPL filter with some Lightroom post processing.

Thanks for looking and enjoy your day!


Wow, that's a beautiful landscape right at your doorstep.

I am a fortunate man to have so much beauty so close. :)

Absolutely beautiful country!
We almost moved to Bend years ago, the only thing that stopped us was the heat....
Enjoy your slice of heaven!😊

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It does get warm sometimes, but they tell me it is a "dry heat" so it aint so bad. ;)

Thank you for stopping by!

I definitely understand “dry” heat.
It is much better, when I lived in Colorado we had 17% humidity it is nice 👍

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I love all of these beautiful panoramic landscape photos, but the best one is the vertical tree panorama - great. I have also a vertical panorama in my todays post - yours is so huge, and the sunburst looks cool between the branches :)

That was my first try a while ago with a vertical pano. Thought it turned out pretty well. Now I'm looking for something tall enough to try 3 photos in the pano. Must push the limits. :)

Did you post process your panorama or do it with the camera?

Yes, it turned out very nice :)

Vertical panoramas are strange, but since I have tried my first one at a tower at our lake, I like to shoot and look at vertical panos ;)

Most of the times I let Lightroom do the work of stitching the photos together, sometimes Photoshop.
Or did I understand your question wrong? Then my answer is, that I shoot RAW and I post process all of my images first in Lightroom, where I make the main adjustments, and then I edit the photos in Photoshop ;)

No, you got it right. I was wondering if you used Lightroom. That is the exact process I use. It is very easy in Lightroom to make the panoramas. If fact I'm not even sure if my camera has a pano function. lol.

OK :)
I forgot to say, that my Canon does not have this function, or I haven't found it, but even if it had a pano function, I would prefer Lightroom, I think ;)

where you live is stunning xx

Thank you, I do love it!