Tree Tuesday - Barcelona

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Sometimes it's not easy to find the topic for the post. I usually check the hot page to see if there are some interesting stuff going on.

Before I joined steemit I wasn't a big fan of photography. I just took a shot or two of our family to see how we're getting older. And besides that, we didn't have digital cameras at that time and smartphone was too smart for me.

When I start posting my English was bad. Really bad. I'm not saying that now is good, but I can feel some progress.

My only choice to be active here was with a photo blog. That's how I call it.

Wherever I go my phone is always with me and sometimes people staring at me when I taking shots of a car, tree or some other usual everyday stuff. I got used to that with time.

People are creative and they have a good imagination. There are many contests on steemit and Tree Tuesday is just one of them.

For today I choose a couple of photos of trees I took in Barcelona in April this year.


Pine trees in Guell Park


I noticed that all pine trees are leaning sideways.


Well, it looks like palm trees too.


The Spring blossom in violet.


I wasn't sure if these are oranges and I was afraid to ask because I didn't want to see people laughing at me.

I never saw them hanging on the tree before. Only in the store.

Maybe they aren't even oranges.


Another Spring blossom in yellow this time.


Pine with the city in the background.


I saw many of these. They look like they want to dig themselves out and move somewhere else.


This one speaks for itself and it's my favorite.

That's all for today, my friends.

Yesterday winner with the best answer is @cryptictruth.

See you tomorrow.


I think you're a big photographer. In each of your pictures, I feel that all the trees have appeared in the picture. Thanks for your nice blog.

howdy from Texas @oldtimer! You did a great job of showing such a variety of trees and with very good quality photos, not bad for a self-confessed amateur!
Your writin ain't too shabby neither.

Beautiful and natural trees 🌳 to behold , I must confess nature is just priceless with different colors and shapes to go alongside with. Many thanks to my boss @oldtimer for sharing this great scenery. Barcelona am coming for you!!!

What a lovely collection of trees. I love the palm, the pink tree and those roots look like that tree's been there forever. I love it!

I would have never noticed that your English is bad at all, I always loved your posts and how you explained everything so well.

My favorite is the first photo and then definitely the last one and the view from it is so beautiful.

your photography range is really cool, I always follow your amazing postings, you have a tremendous success, I want to be like you to be a person who always go here and there with a variety of quality photography, hopefully your day is fun and always make your day happy and also can make you successful.
I will upvote and restem

You @oldtimer incredible experience in steemit, the photo of the tree that you abil including the tree is very for us all.

Wow...these trees are really old time friend. And what you said about using bad English as a newbie in here is absolutely true. I'm a testimony to that. I wish you luck in this contest @oldtimer

You bring back some good memories, oldtimer. Guell park is a highlight in my lift experience. There are so many lovely pines in Spain and yes, I am pretty sure those are oranges but they might not taste so sweet:)

Steemit does make us have to learn how to write good and I also did not really like the world of photography remains after I joined steemit, my desire to wrestle photography world so increase, now I become addicted to the world of photography. Oh friends @oldtimer the view above is very interesting I really want to go to Barcelona but I think between Aceh and Barcelona is very far away, so there's no way I can get there.

Hope you enjoy .

The shot is good, I love the plants that grow around the house and the greening area

Amazing pines. They're nothing like the ones I see in my forest every day. Well, the winner of this gallery of my choice is the one who's going to dig himself up and go. That's where these fantasy storytellers, where trees monsters roam in the dense forest. Perhaps, such instances brought them to this idea.

very beautiful @oldtimer

wow really fantastick photography. nice travel place. thanks for @oldtimer

Hvala za lušten prispevek. Slika rožnatega drevesa ima svoj čar, nič bat, sem odmislila kante 😉 Listov na drevesu praktično ni, samo cvetki 🤩 Zelo so mi všeč tvoji posti z veliko fotografijami ... hvala 👍🏻

Se strinjam! Fotke so res odlične in nabor različnih vrst dreves tudi!

Browsing come to your blog. The images reflect the quality of the creativity of the person making the shots and, above all, those taken at the Guell Park, are well framed and the images are very clear. I love seeing pictures of Barcelona. @oldtimer

His photos reflect the guide that nature carries with the wind that carries it, it is life nature and his lens only wants to capture the moment, thank you for sharing.

I don't agree that you are lacking something, literally you are capturing amazing pictures and your narration is also so effective and there is no glitch and it's your niche and you are enjoying it because your post is reflecting your enjoyment, and i really want to appreciate you because literally it's reflecting as you captured so beautiful and so unique pictures of different trees and it's not easy job because sometimes we face the weird reactions by the people like we are doing something wrong, but good to know that now you got used to it, that's why you are doing your niche more effectively and more beautifully and my personal favourite pictures are pine-tree one and spring blossoming trees. Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

the photography is faboulas dear @oldtimer

@oldtimer muy buenas fotografias de Barcelona, tienes unos lugares que parecen magicos

Love the sideways leaning trees. And I love Spain in general, the cities have such great vibe and cool atmosphere!

You do a great job of sharing these wonderful photos about the places you visit, I love the effort you put into it

Creating a post takes time. Whether the friend with us came to visit their post or not. Your every post is good.

They sure look like oranges to me! Some great photographs here: the tree that wants to move itself somewhere else and the pine that's happy against the wall are my favorites. I'm glad you chose the photo blog because you capture interesting images backed up with savvy comments!

I completely get your comment about photography before Steemit. I used to take some photos of special occasions and some stuff on trips but now I am always looking for opportunities to take a shot. Looking at photography here on Steemit has given me a whole new appreciation for the art form.

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