I got a new DEAD CAT

in #photography3 years ago (edited)

Yes, that is right, I have now one more DEAD CAT.
I have now three of them:

  • For ZOOM H1N digital voice recorder
  • for Rode smartLav+ Lavalier Mic
  • and now also for Rode VideoMic Go.

And all of them are HOME-MADE, believe me or not.

I could not believe those simple gadget add-on's can be so crazy expensive. Up to €35 (Euros that is !) per piece in a local audio and music device store.

So I made them myself. Surprisingly, all the required materials (including a set of threads and needles) were only ~ €2.50.
More important, there is still enough material left to build maybe ten or fifteen more dead cats.

Anyone needs a dead cat ? :)

(if you do not know what it is, and why you might need one - you probably do NOT need it anyway)



Very cheap and low cost method indeed. I shall try it out. Thanks for sharing @onealfa.

That would be glorious home made work @onealfa. Very easy prepared camera with lowest cost.
Resteemed your post.

Thank you for your resteem, sir

Wow sir. so excellent work.thanks or sharing

Thank you for your resteem

DEAD CAT is a powerful option to you for took awesome captures @onealfa. Very cheap costing indeed and install easy to you.

Thank you for your resteem, sir

The camera and you looks nice...
Thanks for sharing @onealfa...
Upvoted and Resteemed...

Thank you for your resteem, sir

Photography is a passion but its sometime costly too but its a must for professionals like you :)

In fact deadcat's are not of any use at all in photography. This tool is usefull only in video shooting. I was much impressed how well it can remove those annoing wind gusts.

Well the vlogs are going to be awesome :)

It's really funny to see that the dead cat gives you the feathery and skinny touch to the camera.
keep it up

Deadcat is powerfull for took good caption really great congrats
Funny thing is it that when I saw your title I thought something else 😂😂dead cat 😂😂😂😂😀

Exellent article I followed you

Nice Picture onealfa ! :D
We would love to invite you to our Discord server.
In here we have more artists for you to connect to and
the ability to promote yourself and your blogs. Keep on Steemin my friend !

hahaha, is cool to photograph children.

Great DIY especially not to buy a deadcat so expensive, very curious and ingenious but I would like to try other materials, but for € 2.50 I can not demand more. LOL

t's great! I had not seen this accessory at that price, for those of us who love photography it is very important to take advantage of the best of each team. I have a Nikon D3200 and I have not been able to record videos due to audio problems ... I do not know if it happened to you! But to see the details that are in your environment is freedom.
From today you have a new follower, greetings from Venezuela ...

very interesting

I find it quite curious and I had never seen it before. I will keep it in mind for future purchases. Add a pretty artistic artist to my photography team. Good choice Onealfa

A lot of creativity, I congratulate you. Greetings

You should make more and sell them!

I never thought about making my own, I'm going to try this. Thanks for the info!

Good post.....@onealfa.

I need one. But where I will find enough food for that?

very ingenious your idea what is important is the economy jeeeejee I want a dead cat

very curious complement to the camera, very original. That's why the price is high.

oh this is really great for filming :) good luck 🍀 AND HAVE A LOVELY WEEKEND, greetings!

🙀 😹
I really had to laugh ......
And indeed I don't need one ........

Work out your own projects seems like it worked out pretty well and cheap as well ;)


@onealfa you were flagged by a worthless gang of trolls, so, I gave you an upvote to counteract it! Enjoy!!

Thanks @flagfixer. It is so funny seeing those flagers with their ZERO SP messing around.

camra is verry nice but camra man verry old not suitable this pic cheater personalty

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