A Day at India Gate #Feeling Proud

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At the centre of New Delhi stands the 42 m high India Gate, an "Arc-de-Triomphe" like archway in the middle of a crossroad. Almost similar to its French counterpart, it commemorates the 70,000 Indian soldiers who lost their lives fighting for the British Army during the World War I. The memorial bears the names of more than 13,516 British and Indian soldiers killed in the Northwestern Frontier in the Afghan war of 1919.
The foundation stone of India Gate was laid by His Royal Highness, the Duke of Connaught in 1921 and it was designed by Edwin Lutyens. The monument was dedicated to the nation 10 years later by the then Viceroy, Lord Irwin. Another memorial, Amar Jawan Jyoti was added much later, after India got its independence. The eternal flame burns day and night under the arch to remind the nation of soldiers who laid down their lives in the Indo-Pakistan War of December 1971.

The entire arch stands on a low base of red Bharatpur stone and rises in stages to a huge moulding. The cornice is inscribed with the Imperial suns while both sides of the arch have INDIA, flanked by the dates MCMXIV (1914 left) and MCMXIX (1919 right). The shallow domed bowl at the top was intended to be filled with burning oil on anniversaries but this is rarely done.

Where is it Located: New Delhi, India
Why was it Built: Memorial to Undivided Indian Army soldiers who died during World War I
Materials Used: Yellow and red sandstone and granite
Visit Timing: 24 hours a day, all days of the week
Days Closed: None
Photography Charges: Nil
Entry Fee: None

Surrounding the imposing structure is a large expanse of lush green lawns, which is a popular picnic spot. One can see hoards of people moving about the brightly lit area and on the lawns on summer evenings.

For more details about India Gate click on the link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/India_Gate

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It looks like the France one.

no no it looks like triunph arc from spain where I live :

arco del triunfo victory arc.jpg


Thumbs Up From My Side 😊


probably India wins in size but you know... the size isn't the important part.. it's the form

I know that

What's your name sair.which country do you live in?

if you read more up you will read "spain" XD

Yup, they're both gates...


Maybe it looks like same.

Thanks for your responses :)

No sir, it is not from France. It is our India, you don't know the beauty of Indian and their history and monuments also...

is it gate of India ???

It is known as 'India Gate'.

Yes its look Like France.

Stunning area! the best and maximum beautiful things inside the global cannot be seen or maybe touched - they have to be felt with the coronary heart. the vicinity is incredible, and the photos are the first rate.

Love the colors in the first photo

It looks beautiful . I would like to come visit some day


The photos look amazing

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Excellent photo of the arch, the contrast of colors is too beautiful I love, What camera do you use?

@online-ms hello 👋 sir Wow It was very nice to read and see your post. INDIA GATE is the symbol of our country. I've been there many times. I'm proud of myself. I've done duty at INDIA GATE. I joined myself several times in Delhi pared. India Gate is the target of our hero. This is an identity card in our country. What do you think


Absolutely Correct
Thanks For your precious response :)

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The eternal flame is resplendent! Thanks for sharing a little on the history of the gate. Adding to my list of places to see in India.


Look Like Amazing

This sanctuary of the India Gate in Delhi was revealed on January 2 by the amid that time-Indira Gandhi. From that point forward, it is standard for the President and the Prime Minister to pay praise at the site amid State services. Indeed, even while visitors visit the state, they come here to visit the India Gate in Delhi India and pay tribute at the site.

though i am also from delhi but even i didn't know that much as you told in this post , really feel good to know about it...and i think there is a lot of preparations takes place for 15th august .. btw i am gonna follow you if you post more about india travel place , i hope you will never disappointing me

here are some more pics i captured in the past years 36726827_234345390512942_7911201090601746432_n(1).jpg
36033348_397823067370886_4035661737880453120_n.jpg i hope you likes these as well

wow.. your picture is so amazing sir...

Nice post dear. Keep posting such good articles really awesome pictures. Keep it up.

Beautiful sunset, awesome orange sky color.
birds fly.
a very phenomenal building standing firm.
flowers bloom.
everything looks perfect

thnk u so much

ummmn ... if I may ask,
Where do you come from? I am curious about women as beautiful as you

i am from delhi (india )

regards, we are friends in steemit

this are so amazing why you aren't post them?

this is not my post or blog i will post it on my own blog someday or something new ones like this

Beautiful pictures. I am assuming the last one (guys playing football) is sunrise picture right?

What you say about it "The national bird of india- peacock"

whoww , fly? it's imposible... time to pick a photo is good

Looks like Freedom gate of Paris

Incredible trip, I would love to go to that place one day, if you can visit my post, I have some trips inside my country! greetings!

you look beautiful when you are photographed, smile .... :)

oke sir. when will we discuss again in another post, see you and hopefully your day is blessed by God.

Hello, I like the middle one hahaha

This is the first time I'm getting to know that it has a French counterpart. Thanks for the data. Often I thought it looked like the old Italian Archways that we come across in Assasin's creed!

INDIA GATE is war memorial which was initially named as the all india war memorial.the structure stand as a memorial to more than 70,000 soliders was died the structure is called" armar jawan jothi".it is excellent looks beautiful visit again &again.i proud to be a indian the photos look like amazing thank u


Sencillamente espectacular agradecido de poder disfrutar de estos lugares imprecionastes!

nice pics and places.
plz follow me.im new on this site

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Wow very pine and great gate thanks for good post

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I love my india nice bro osm

india stands top in its sculptures and monuments....
The eternal flame burns day and night under the arch to remind the nation of soldiers who laid down their lives in the Indo-Pakistan War of December 1971.

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tienes todo mi apoyo mi hermano venezolano

Online-ms the post is rock.

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I like the first picture so much! nice job

I am delhite, still rarely visited this monument, i have seen printed names of all those soldiers inside it. It is roaming area for youngsters.

Great post! Im moving to India in 2 weeks! Cant wait to experience the country myself! :)

Great photo, the first one is my favorite. Very beautifully captured with the dreamy sky and hint of roses to the side of the framed view.

hi @online-ms
this images really feels

Beautiful sunset, awesome orange sky color.
birds fly.
a very phenomenal building standing firm.
red flowers bloom, green leaves is focus.
everything looks perfect

India is beautiful.and yes I appreciate your photography skills, I really liked the 1 st picture.

It's an amazing and also pleasurable scenary

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It’s really looks awsome , I had visisted 2 times in the past and I feel proud to stand there and watch the scenes , amazing bro , thank you for bringing this beautiful pics to us

Great post.... You make us proud bro!!!!

Beautiful monument, I like its colonial style, nice place for tourists. Beautiful photo.

Very nice i love this photo!!! India is amazing country!!

Very nice i love
This photo!!! India is
Amazing country!!

                 - dewicos

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This place looks familiar o 😂

Very beautiful country.
Too bad a lot of countries have a bad opinion about India and it's population :-(
Unfortunately most western countries see it as a dirty place, garbage all over the place, etc.

Very happy to see people talking about india gate at steemit

Yeah, It really makes people especially Indians proud.

I too am from New Delhi.
Nice Pics bro @online-ms

Great photos. Cool article. I had never heard of this before. It's cool to see something different in this world, and have the information to go along with it.

Friend @online-ms what good to see your photos again. Congratulations for your beautiful photography,
Good energy.,

nice photos

Be the proud of an Indian

i love my India 😍


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hi, really nice one and proud to be Indian, photo is amazing. may I know your contact details I want some guidance for steemit.

Excellent pictures a little strange but beautiful.

strange? why?

Proud to be a Delhiite.

India gate shows the sacrifice done by our soldiers. Is there any function organised on 15 august in India gate ? @online-ms

Like a poem , the first picture, Wonderful

Wow, u bring everything in one click...
The Gate, lamp, the sky, the Sun, Birds, Tree, Flowers, ground everything...

wow, cool :)

proud to be an Indian, I am don't know details about India gate, but your nicely describe about it.

😍A picture that is expressive and full of passion. I invite you to visit my account on steemit you will love my photos very much.

Bro nice click

i like it, so beatiful

Excellent bro, bahut achchi pics hein tumhari....good photography.

Inida is amazing place...

Photos looks amazing specially India gate and Amar Jawan Jyoti, Proud to be Indian.
Capital of India Delhi really nice.

Beautiful photos of beautiful monuments. Beautiful history. Interesting those kinds of trips. Keep it up. I congratulate you: D

@online-ms Unfortunately Did not see India Gate. sad

Magnificent structure! We will never forget :)

look like campuchia

Waaao india gate..
Amazing post which is i saw in a day..
Thanm you so so so much..

Very nice,,, You are very valuable to the community !! I love

reading it !!!

great capture
loving this pic
all the best man keep doing such great work

Great capture loving
This pic all the best man keep
Doing such great work

                 - thenuclear

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So beautiful!!

It is great one and spain have as like this.

more like french architecture but... anyway it's great history and photo you gave there... thank you

That first photo of the arch is stunning!

this is my india

yes bro ur clicks are emazing but i think the most emazing thing about this place is when you see it you feel some patriotic feeling . we feel proud to our army and defence . your posting time is also suitable bcoz we are heading towards independance day . jai hind bro...

Looks stunning. Great shots and content!

its a wonderful experience to see your post . Jai hind

i love to travel because it makes mind fresh.India gate is an awesome place.

I hvae been to india gate in delhi,
india is incredible country
there are so many fantastic buildings in india ,
tajmal, red fort, masjid and so on!

Some facts came to know from this post...keep going

Very good travel photos :)

Nice post dudu.
For more amazing post like this follow me @prashant906

You take beautiful pictures. I’m officially a fan.

Wow , Such a lovely place . 💕 @online-ms

When I saw india gate I feel very fresh and my strenght is double. Thanku for photography india gate

beautiful I would really like to visit him some day