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I remember catching these down in Florida as a child, and then about a decade ago in New Orleans.

Lately, "Monster Truck the Pepper" has been hard at work catching some in Texas. I thought that I would try my hand at photographing one of the bigger "little" ones. It is always fun working with little lizards that are this fast, but I think I got a few good ones. Here are my shots of this beautiful lizard.

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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Don't mess with Texas.

Double P is a reptile whisperer. FYI
I remember catching frogs that looked very similar to these lizards amazing.

nice photo my friends no body that reptile.

Great shots mate! The one with the golden like ants is simple amazing!

I like toast 🍞

Great shots. These little guys have been taking over in Florida and replacing the native green anoles!

Beautiful little anole...I love the markings on his back. Is this an adult? I know they are generally quite small but I've never seen one in the flesh.

No, the adults get much bigger than this, maybe 4X the size.

beautiful pictures.thanks for sharing the pictures of these cute little creatures with us.

Thank you for checking them out.

my pleasure buddy.

Amazing Up&Resteem

Welcome dear!
If you don`t mind plz check my posts hope you like it :)

nice animal...

Very nice pics brother! That's a cute little critter! It almost looks like a mini snake with legs! Lol. Like a Boa pattern!

Muy buenas fotos, normalmente si yo veo una corren de mi jajaj muy buena publicacion ...saludos!!

What beautiful pictures you did there! Love pictures of nature! Very well done!

Whoa! his back foot is crazy. Not many lizards in my neck of the woods. Not like growing up down in SoCal. Good times!

well, thats a cute little guy...

Nice "tuteque" XD

Nice little chap. I saw a nice little lizard the other day. He bolted before I could get a snap though. Quite a majestic creature I think they appear very knowledgeable, well to me anyway :)

That's a beautiful little creature. We usually have Green Anoles in GA. Lots of Skinks too. The blue tailed Skinks are beautiful, but are fast as hell. Rarely catch them. Saw a bunch of cool reptiles here in Atlanta during Repticon recently. My daughter bought a ball python that is super chill. Anyway, hope your dream of self-sufficiency works out. That's my goal too.

Las fotografias quedaron geniales aunque no seria capas de acercarme a esos animalitos jeje soy un poco miedosa

Hey brother. Your work has inspired me. I sent you a personal message on chat, let me know if you saw it :) Sent some appreciation.

Nice papa-pepper. Thanks for sharing.

Beautiful Image and nice click dear friend. I'm also a photographer

Very cool. I mostly photograph animals, I'll have to see what you like.

some nice photos of the lil guy @papa-pepper, I loved catching them as a kid when I visited family in Florida way before moving here. Too bad we don't see many green anoles down here anymore, the cuban browns have kind of pushed them out

In a development that will not surprise you in the least...we still have these in Florida.

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grandiosas fotos, super bonitos animales, aquì nosotros tenemos pero les llaman gekos y son los que comen insectos y larvas para disminuir la poblaciòn de cucarachas.

I didn't realize how small it was until the last one!

Good job. The lizard are busy playing why your busy taken a shoot on them. Nice work.

It worked out well. Fast little bugger too!

Yes your good at it. weldon

Very beutyfull creature.
Keep posting intresting and amaizing posts :)

Lizards are cool. Little "Godzillas", I call them. Very interesting creatures.

Yes they are very cool creatures!

Stay in touch. Will follow and look out for you.

Great photos! wait until I upload some videos of the snakes in Australia =). I know you are fan of them

She has such a "business" look. Like "inflated" chief=)) LOL

You are quite talented at catching macro photos of small, fast moving subjects. I'm curious, what camera do you use?