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Personally, I think that the Milk Thistle is almost the Sea Urchin of the flower world.

If you know anything about photo shoots from @papa-pepper, you know that I have a hard time choosing photos and sometimes include a lot. For that reason, I've split this one into two posts, the first being a solo shoot of individual flower heads.

The actual benefits of Milk Thistle are many, including the following health benefits: Antioxidants, Anti-inflammatory properties, Liver Support, and Silymarin (which is a particular antioxidant that helps fight cancer.) Despite these beneficial properties, many people do not like the plant at all. I was asked to remove some from a property earlier, and figured that I should save the flower heads for a photo shoot.

I have appreciated the beauty of these flowers for a long time, and was glad to get the chance to collect so many. These are immature flower heads, as they have not fully opened up to display their marvelous purple inside. It is at this stage, however, that I believe their beauty reaches its zenith. Enjoy the photos!

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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Interesting flowers @papa-pepper. They sort of remind me of thin coloured paper as they look quite delicate. I think photography is a great medium and you have used it will to capture these images. Also keep up the YouTube videos as it's great to see you sharing your mind. Have upvoted this too!

I have eaten milk thistle in supplement. But never knew it looks so nice. Thanks for the photos

Many are familiar only with the supplement! Glad you enjoyed the source of that supplement!

for the floral version of sea urchins these look pretty "not prickly"

It is gorgeous. Is it an annual or perennial? What zone will it survive, like is Canada an option. LOL Thanks for sharing

Annual and/or biennial. Not sure about growing zones, but should grow in Canada, we had it all over Wisconsin!

Thank you, I am going to go and investigate it right now.

Not only is this a beautiful plant it has some very useful properties in health having learned this from this blogpost. I am looking up Milk Thistle vitamins and it turns out my favorite brand of supplements do distribute these. Anti-inflammatory properties could really help me so I am going to try it.

woow really pretty!
Love the symmetry .
Also red and green are opposite colors, and that gives a great touch to it.
Nice macros @papa-pepper !

Yeah, these guys have fascinated me for years. I finally got around to photographing some.

I'm a simple girl, I see an @papa-pepper post including flowers, I upvote said @papa-pepper post containing said flowers. Another wonderful post! Keep em coming!

I am glad that you liked my flowers. Thank you.

I have heard of people consuming milk thistle for its digestive benefits. However, this is the first time I have actually seen the plant itself. I really like its symmetry and its vibrant colors. You took great macro shots of this plant. :)

Beautifully pictured, greetings from Belgium

what a beautiful flower

wonderful pictures. More from that ;-)

It grows on the trails behind my home, such a spiny beauty!

Love it! So pretty and kinda alien, absolutely amazing thank you so much for sharing with us! I hope your day is lovely!

Milk thistle tea is a goto of mine as a prevention/remedy for a hangover.

I don't know whether there is any legitimacy in my claim, but I'm okay with the placebo effect if not.

wonderful photos @papa-pepper.flower lover here in philippines..

i have never seen that kind of flower. but the pattern and the color are great. at first i thought it is a verry big flower, but it turn out small.

Great Post & Pictures!
Thanks for sharing and steem on :)

its a very nice looking flower that i have never seen before. I remember picking them in the world of warcraft game but that was the closest i have ever been.

You've captured every single bit of milkthistle.
You are dedicated and passionate towards your work.
Fabulous work
Keep it up
Upvoted !

Want to taste it

I was trying to choose a favourite..or two, three, five? No, that's not working, they're all amazing!

Milk thistle is such a pretty flower! Great job capturing it in photos!

Beautiful pictures, I love how you can see the fibonnaci sequence in each and everyone of the flowers! I would love to see more of those pictures.

Beautiful flower with amazing colors! I'm glad you were able to get closeups to really show the beauty and design of the "sea urchin of the flower world." :)

Milk thistle my nistle...

I've used the supplement but have never seen the flowers...
Beautiful and good for you, what an amazing plant combination!

great pictures :)
what a beautiful flower once you get into details and really look and appreciate it.
thanks for sharing that view with us.

People sometime or should i say most of time act like geniuses but knows nothing.
They root out 'problem' which are infact a great solution
...same in your case....
You have my minnature support and respect

You know Papa, I'm really digging this flower series! Never knew that the milk thistle contained silymarin - an antioxidant I learned plenty about on my oncology rotation in medical school. Can't wait to see the next flower in your series!

Wow... incredible... amazing flower... (^_^)

Interesting. Another of nature's beneficial and beautiful gifts. Does it smell any good?

Your pictures make me hunger for its cousin, the artichoke. My mom used to cook 'em for me when I was a kid and nowadays I sometimes still cook 'em for myself, though they're an expensive treat and easy to over- or undercook.

Wow. I've seen the supplements in health stores and heard of it's benefits, but didn't know it was such a nice looking flower.

Now you know! You are not the first to say that.

So lovely, some shots remind me of a Lotus. Thank you @papa-pepper

This is a beautiful flower thanks for sharing! Btw did you hear the audio file to my poem entry?!

Beautiful nutrition! I have a few left growing in my yard. How are they best eaten?

Milk Thistle is one of the healthiest plants! 'Through thistle and thorn' I'm following you.

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Interesting post, I like that.....

its look so nice as i never seen this kind of flower before.

I know of Milk Thistle supplements. You're pictures captured the true beauty of that flower. cool...I had no idea they looked like artichokes!

These are gorgeous photos, @papa-pepper
I can't imagine why anyone would want them removed from their property.
You mentioned that it has antioxidants. Is there a tea or food recipe that exists which uses the milk thistle?

Beautiful flowers, love the contrast of colors

I think sea urchin flower is oooon point, friend! For sure! Haha

It also reminded me of a strawflower. I bet these dry quite nicely!!

I'm not familiar with the strawflower, but I also thought these looked like some crazy "Hens and Chicks" or something.

They're soooooo interesting. Definitely check them out. They're like... predried flowers. Lol it's the weirdest thing! Hens and chicks also came to mind for me!

Jut wait until you see my post tomorrow showing them in clusters. They look so cool!

I look forward to it!

Bah! Cut them down and burn them!!! LOL.

Omg love the pics. I used milk thistle before but had no idea how gorgeous the plant really is. Well done.

We also have such flowers, but they do not yet blossom :)

They have a look of a lotus flower when you focus just on the flowerhead like that. Nice photo creativity!

@papa-pepper i remember them growing in my garden those beautifull little flowers but cant grow them anymore

And please if u read this dn upvote 😀😀

Beautiful flowers - will investigate to see if I could have some in my Spain garden

amazing pictures of those flowers...!! nice photography... thank you for sharing..
i'm new to steem it ,do visit my page if time permits :)
upvoted :)

I have been overrun by normal thistles over the last few years. From your photos, i wish they were milk thistles, at least they would have some nice color. Nice pics @papa-pepper.

Good flower photos!

Great photo....beautiful

Very nice pics. We have thistle here but it doesn't look like those. Maybe if it did I wouldn't dig it up. Guess there are many different types and I haven't really looked into it. Thanks for the post!

Great post. Upvoted!

Heyas papa-pepper..sorry to contact you this way but I felt it was somewhat important.

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Much Love

Nice post!!! Amazing pictures
Thanks for sharing

I had never seen milk thistle before, thanks for sharing

Those are great, love the micro and vivid colours.
My grandma back in Poland used to make tea from that :o

Me too, thank you so much @tomekkk!

Awesome macro shooting there!

Those are gorgeous. I wonder if they would grow in SE Texas. How do you harvest for medicinal purposes?

beautiful macro shots!

Hi @papa-pepper where this plant can find?