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Actually, this was a great trip, but it looks like it was going nowhere.

Yesterday morning there was a thick fog in northern Arkansas near Mountain Home. As we traveled up to Missouri, we were impressed at how much fog we encountered. Here is a collection of photos that I took yesterday morning. Some look like roads or bridges that plunge in to the abyss, some like a deserted apocalyptic ghost town, and one shows how hard it was for the sun to penetrate the fog. I've always liked fog, as long as it is not too thick when you are driving, and I like the way that it looks in these photos.


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Perfect recipe for a 100 car pile-up. Be careful in those condition!

Trippy... Talking Heads... thanks @papa-pepper.

Great shots, but please drive safely out there!

The second picture reminds me on the movie THE FOG... Nice pics @papa-pepper

That bridge looks creepy with the fog

It sure does!

It is one of those things that you do not realize when your driving however if your walking it would freak you out. At least freak me out.

A road to no where is a road to somewhere

It really looks like a road to nowhere.

Today is my first day. I love these photos. I live by the ocean and I love to wake up to the fog in the morning. It is so beautiful!

hati-hati jalan berkabut, kurangi kecepatan dan jangan ngebut ya @papa-pepper. take care

Papa's "Driving in the Fog" series is great! I like that first image best. Life is like that sometimes. There's fog ahead and it's hard to see, but you can see just far enough ahead to keep going. As you keep going more things are made clear. Eventually you reach your destination. It wasn't necessarily an easy journey, but you had enough to keep going and you made it!

Wow! It turned out so beautifully. The fog and the really know how to capture a beautiful moment and Pinky got that from you when she called your attention to the dew. Absolutely thrilling.

The road looks as if you going to heaven initially.. Got nice shot there.. The Harman tan there is kinda strong..

I also like fog.Actully,between 6 season I like the winter season most in my country.

6 seasons...?

The first shot and the next to last are my two favorites... the way the fog makes such an extreme break in the road, reminds me of the movie "The Others" a bit - the way the fog marks the edge of the place where (spoiler alert) the ghosts can exist. Cool shots

wow, a very beautiful photo, I really like, see the beauty of nature. Thank you for sharing and hopefully your day will be fun @papa-pepper

wow..beautiful shots..i love the mist..dont know why..but i like to walk through the mist and get lost in it :)

travel in fog is very dangerous , your life is your fist priority. by the way you take very beautiful photo

You survived, that is a Good Thingtm.

Road to the unknown...a typical scenario we face all day in our life.

Amen to that! I love that perspective!

Heard driving at normal speeds in fog can be very dangerous am glad you made it.
Nice capture @papa-pepper

It can be. We took it slow and made it there eventually!

Looks really a bit like in some horror movies. The Fog....... Stay Safe

It does! I stayed safe!

nice photographykeep your photography on

Safe in journey..beautiful in the journey but also need to be careful on the road .. hopefully always healthy and keep up the goal .. success always friend

You survived, that is a Good Thing and amazing

excellent view friend you see that it is very cold I love your capture

Hola saludos muy bonita fotografia. Muy bella la nieve se ve estupendo

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I have never ever seen such dense fog in my life. In the town i live these are very rare. Like once in a blue moon. 2 Years back there was some fog but it was not this thick.

Fog always give me cringe! I took this picture last month, fog was way too thick.

very beautiful scenery

This should be very careful in this way, because we can not see directly in the future whether there is another vehicle.
so you have to be careful on a foggy road.

Good morning mr @papa-pepper ??? What a beautiful piece of art, Certainly can not go anywhere this is a great journey with the thick fog in northern Arkansas near Mountain Home. When you travel to Missouri, I am very impressed with the fog you encounter. I am in Indonesia have never seen such a thick fog in our country, congratulations I also like fog.

Nice photos of the fog. I like fog when it is not so thick as to obscure total view...

The fog in Missouri is so cool. It's one of the things I miss from living there. Amazing pictures.

That's so cool. Might want to try a black and white conversion on images 2-4.

Just maybe. :)

Great shots, we had the fog here the other day and the trees looked down right creepy at times, the stillness was like a horror film plot, not a bird to be heard...
Link to my posting of the trees

Cool, I'll check it out! Thanks!

very good, @papa-pepper. please look at me ,stay alert

Papa pepper you killed it again tonight wow!! what a beautiful photo, so lovely so nice for the eye to behold and very neat I must say.keep up the good work Sir Pls i need your vote sorcerer plsssssss

How Long...... to the Point of No Return.......

nice photography dear
resteemit done

The roads look so creepy! Super cool...but creepy! Haha I'm so glad you guys made it safe!

good creative dear
upvote and resteemit done

Comparable to some fog we get here in the UK man.

You gotta have faith when you are staring into the abyss... great shots especially on the bridge to nowhere!

Thanks, they would probably look cool in B&W too!

Awesome fog pictures! Frame worthy to me!