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This was the creature that I got to photograph today for "breakfast."

Let me tell you, it was a great way to start the day. Before I share my other photos, please allow me to share some thoughts on photography.

I couldn't help but be appreciative of the experience this morning. While photographing this young Eastern Fence Lizard, I was very joyful because of the whole opportunity. First off, I live in an area where cute little reptiles like this live, so I can enjoy them in person periodically. Moreover, I was able to capture some fantastic images of it to share worldwide.

As with all of life, it is racing by and forever fading into the past. The lives lived now will soon be over, and many of the events from our day will be forever lost to time as it marches on. Photography allows us to capture the people, places, events and creatures that exist now for future generations. In fact, it allows us to capture them for our "future selves" too. A lot of events in my past would have most likely faded from my memory if I did not have the photos to remind me.

Anyway, whether you ever get a chance to see this type of lizard for yourself or not, you will almost certainly never see this particular one. I may not even see it again. I hope that you can appreciate the photos a little more now because of what I shared. I really enjoyed the experience of photographing this lizard this morning, and am glad that I've got some photos to capture that moment!


As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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Master, is it a lizard that lives only in a certain climate so that it exists only in some countries? I also have photos of lizards and it is very different, this type is very much and easy to get in my country Indonesia.


And the green one has a very long tail.



Is this lizard in your country?


Nice photos

Wow, Amazing! Will be looking forward to see new content!!!

Goodness, Amazing! Will anticipate see new substance!!!


when @papa-pepper posting makes me more enthusiasm in steemit, writing and the content is very interesting. success is always brother.

your shots are just perfect and you got them just right...keep sharing more...look at how pretty nature appears...upped

Amazing @papa-pepper . . I like it. . 👍

It is really small , but in the first photos it looks bigger

That sneaky finger on the proof photo. I can't help but notice. Sorry about that pops. :D

28,000!!!!! Wow! You have been at work my friend!

Fantastic photos! I love that with digital cameras and the ability to take photos with our phones we are able to capture so many memories. When I was a kid, my mom would put film in her camera and one roll would last all year . .maybe even two years.

The pictures make it seem much bigger...then you see the acorns...but then on your finger it's tiiiiiny! I'm surprised you could catch it

excelente fotografía!!!! upvote.

Beautiful wild photo :)

Giant Acorn
sun divider.png
The lizard looked a lot bigger until you included the acorn in the picture. Awesome photos and great story, you are lucky and we are lucky to have you!

Yeah, i put that in there for perspective.

wow fantastic work
Great capture with nice post
thanks @papa-pepper

Congrats on the 28000 post. nice pictures.

Cool characters! Thanks for the shots.

Hiiii @papa-pepper, you r great and adventerous , much impressed from you, thats a nice piece of wild photography. keeep it up.

great photography @papa-pepper

This curious lizard is tiny. Greetings and blessings.

i would like a wild life photography...

I miss those little cuties passing by in my Bali garden and open home.
No lizards in Vienna ....sad!

Cute little lizard! How did you catch it? Usually moves so fast!

@little-peppers caught it. I have trained them well.

You have a very good camera
Nice pictures

We have similar animals over here in Switzerland. They call them eidechse, I see loads of them when I jog in the summer. I figured they are some kind of sunworshipers lol

Great story telling and nice photos to go with it, well done!

He's a lot smaller than I thought he'd be!

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Awwww - it looks so much smaller on your finger!! Thank you for sharing this particular, completely unique lizard :)

I think I would enjoy living in your area. Reptiles are fun creations. It hurts me when my cats bring me terrified, out of breath grass lizards.

But thats just part of nature I keep telling myself. Maybe thats why I never think of it to take pictures.
It would make great footage a la NatGeo tho....

Congrats on the 28.000th! Yousa busy man!

Great shots @papa-pepper !
I liked your words on photography; it does preserve memories and help us remember wonderful experiences. It's also enjoyable to just DO photography. If you get into it you start looking at light a lot closer, or what the best view of something would be; it's fun to think about composition, aperture, and other things. I shared a little about the pleasure of photography too in my most recent post here if you'd like to check it out.
I really like the shots with the acorns and crawling on a leaf. Gives good perspective, and the acorn one looks like he's taking part in a still life painting, haha. As usual, thanks for sharing!
Oh, and to share a little more with you about my post... I'll have my camera with me this weekend when I drive that road again, so hopefully I find that moose again and I'll have much better photos to share with everyone.

By the time you had finished taking his candid snapshots mama pepper would have been calling out for lunch. Not only good for the soul but good for the waist line as well.

Its amazing how big that tiny little lizard looks in some of the pictures you took and then you see the last one and it looks so teeny on your finger. :D I think it would be cool to see one of these little guys in person. :D

Thanks for sharing and have an awesome day! :D

Hey, @papa-pepper! This is one cute Lizard! Did you get to invite him for breakfast with the little peppers? You are right. It is wonderful to look at old photos and jog our memories of years and events from the past. My kids used to get a kick out of looking at old photo albums on lazy Sunday afternoons.
They always had a million questions too.

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The pictures are amazing. But looking at the pictures I thought the lizard was bigger till I saw your last picture. These cute little lizards are adorable. We have little lizard a little bit bigger ones in El Salvador. They have beautiful bright green color, but there are some gray ones too.

wow it's awesome post @papa-pepper

That cute tiny lizard was enjoying papa's camera and finger and this @papa-pepper's post is the proof... 😃

Personally i think you are a lucky man, tbh lol, I've never had the luck to encounter any animal at the perfect moment and posture good for taking pictures, lol silly but i know what im talking about, or unless you are going to tell me there is nothing like a perfect moment, then i will keep on taking pictures of animals i see until i get a good shot

wonderfull photographt and beautifull animal 💙