Yellow flowers

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Flower is a subject that has various shapes, textures and colors. Indeed many people who think that the flowers are too much subject to be photographed so boring, but the reality is not so. We can take from unusual angles and unique lighting to get creative images



Details of shoot
Catagory: photography
Camera : Smartphone
location : Lhokseumawe - Aceh
Photographer : @peuhaba2020
Please enjoy! And do leave me a comment if you like my photo.


Cantiik bunganya , lupa namanya apa😂

Benar yang anda katakan, apapun foto yang dipotret, akan indah dan bagus Kalo pas cara pengambilan fotonya.

Smartphonenya beli cash makanya hasil cameranya bagus...

Warna bunga nya cerah sekali

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Cantik kali bunga nya