Rainy Southampton Walk with Xander the Pug

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Hello everyone!

So I took Xander for a walk in the rain on Saturday night, and I remembered to bring my phone for once so I could take some pictures, what a glorious grey and rainy day for it. 😂 I love walking on days like this, where it's raining, slightly cold but enough for me to warm up by walking, and just getting dark.


This is Xander sniffing the bin, this is where dogs leave messages for each other by pissing on it. It's like the water cooler meeting spot that office humans gravitate towards.


This is the edge of the Southampton Docks, it is famous for where the Titanic launched on its Maiden Voyage in 1912, if you don't know about that, it is the one where Leonardo DiCaprio dies (spoilers).


Xander is now contemplating the messages he just read.


Xander now stares off to the distance, still deep in thought from the messages he read earlier.


It's the edge of the Southampton Docks again, but this time further away.


More water, rain and grey skies. If you could actually see, you might be able to spot the Isle of Wight in the distance. But not today! I'm probably just making this up, I don't even remember if you can see it from here on a clear day. LOL


Xander is now telling me the grass needs watering, it's pretty dry he says. (I don't think the grass need watering).


Xander is now watering the grass.


Rain, leaves.


Xander says bye!!!

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Puppies love games such as hide and seek! Hide, then call your pup's name so she can try to find you.

Man, you've got a great place to walk. Even when it's rainy and getting dark, it's still beautiful. Do you walk Xander there often?

Yeah it's the main one I do, since its easy and relatively long enough for a pug to go off lead and run about a bit. :)

Are there a lot of other dogs on the trail? Do you have to worry about Xander running off or getting eaten by another dog/wild animal/really hungry person?

When it's not raining that place is usually full of people and dogs, sometimes see puppy training classes and stuff too. Xander hates dogs though, ignores them, he only likes people. He won't go any further than 10 metres away from me, so hhe won't run off.

Dang, it sounds like you've got a good deal with Xander. Most dogs go chasing after any other dog, and they love to flee their owner's company. That's nice he's so well-trained.

Yeah I see that all the time, I saw one owner the other day chasing after his dog, he was so angry because it wasn't listening to him. You just gotta speak to them in a calm but firm way, shouting and being angry is the worst thing to do.

I taught Xander not to bark too from a young age, he could have a dog barking in his face and he will just be like whatever ya weirdo. 😂

Xander for the win!

vary nice i like the little puppy looks like he keeps you busy

Yes he does 😊

Vary nice i like
The little puppy looks like
He keeps you busy

                 - xlcaptainblacklx

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