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Enjoy some of my best landscape pictures while I start catching up.

photography landscape playfulfoodie mist morning dawn
(Deviantart / Redbubble)

photography landscape playfulfoodie morning
(Deviantart / Redbubble)

photography landscape playfulfoodie Scotland Loch Ard

photography landscape playfulfoodie

photography landscape playfulfoodie Scotland

Time to start replying to all of your comments. It'll take me a while, so bear with me!

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very beautiful landscape photos 👌👌

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Thank you, I'm so happy you like them!

Ooooo. They are lovely @playfulfoodie. The top two and the bottom one are my favourites.

Thanks @gillianpearce :-)
the bottom one was make with my back towards the Glenfinnan viaduct, the one from the Harry Potter train. I liked this view much better than the view of the viaduct itself!

Gorgeous shots! Especially that first one!

Thank you so much @jaynie! I'm happy to hear you like them :D

My pleasure :)

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