the beauty of the flower that grows on a very beautiful and beautiful log

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hello all steemit, how are you today that is so hot, hopefully your day is always good and has healthy health to be able to do activities as usual.

I apologize if I just came back to share some amazing photography, this time I will share a very beautiful yellow flower, hopefully you can enjoy my photography.


a flower that is so beautiful on a wooden stick with a yellow color that is so charming with a beautiful atmosphere, also has an additional color at the end of the flower for its beauty.

I can take a few more pictures as below, all of these images are from the A37F OPPO handphone.




Thank you for visiting you to enjoy some photography interest

greetings from @prob


Beautiful flowers

Great photography. You captured nice detail of this gorgeous flower

Thank you for the attention of Mr. who made me excited in sharing various photography, have a nice day😊

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