Unexpected wildlife photography adventure

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Some of the greatest photos come from some of the most unexpected adventures. Though you have in mind some of the qualities you are wanting to capture in your photos. Like the right lighting, intriguing subjects, composition and interesting clouds. You just never know what you will discover on your photography path.

Sand Hollow with Mollies Nipple in the background

These images are of one of those Awesome Unexpected Wildlife Adventures!

I was asked by a client if I had any pictures of a well known mountain peek in Southern Utah named Mollies Nipple. She wanted to add it to her real-estate blog post she was working on. I thought I had the perfect one, and couldn’t find it. So I went off to capture a new one for her a few hours before the golden glow hours.

When I got to Sand Hollow I pulled off the road to capture this picture of a red sandstone formation right in-front of Pine Valley Mountain in the distance.

Sand Hollow sandstone formation in-front of Pine Valley Mountain

On my way back to my vehicle my loyal dog Merc surprised this Gopher snake out of the sage brushes.
Loyal Dog Merc

Gopher snake

After putting Merc back in my SUV so she didn't continue to scare this snake. I grabbed my camera and took a few more pictures of this friendly slithering creature.

Gopher snake

Gopher snake

Merc and I continued on our way, past Sand Hollow lake and drove up the hill towards Mollies Nipple. Stopping a few miles away below our destination. Where I thought I could get the best picture for my client.

Mollies Nipple

A half hour before the golden hour, Merc and I, where enjoying taking a break for lunch. When a flock of birds surprised us with a visit landing right in the marshy area in front of us. I slowly and quietly got out my camera and took a few pictures of some of them wading in the marshy wetlands where they had landed.

White Faced Ibis

This was a perfect time to change to my telephoto lens and practice close-ups of these beautiful birds. I had never seen these in the wild before, and didn’t even know what they were called. Later on, I posted them on Facebook, where my mother told me that they looked like ‘White-faced Ibis’. Sure enough that is what they are.

White-faced Ibis

(This was also the first time I had my Canon 30D settings to RAW. When I looked through my view finder, my camera picture viewing really looked like it lost all it's color. I was so surprised later to find out that in editing it in Photoshop, I could bring back all the vibrant colors I saw. Much better than using jpg. I have learned a lot more about shooting my camera in RAW and editing in Photoshop since then. I wish I had used my RAW settings earlier. I have some old photos I would have loved to be able to edit more to what I saw then, now.)

A couple, in a truck stopped to see what I was taking pictures of, and that startled the whole flock and they start flying. WOW! What a magnificent experience. I wasn't sure if I had my setting right but I was so excited to see this shot when I got back home to my computer. This just added to this day.

White-faced Ibis In Flight

I was able to get a lot of photos with these guys. Just by taking extra time to get a shot from an area where someone was wanting a picture from. That happen to turn into an Awesome Unexpected Wildlife Photography Adventure story too!

Mollies Nipples with White-face Ibis in Flight


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Unexpectedly well done :)

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ehy dear @proshay, amzing post! nature with its intrinsic beauty hardly disappoints us and you have known how to seize the right moment for every wonderful photo :-)) I love that formation of red sandstone and that magical flight of ibis !!
congratulations! Keep on :-))

Hello @proshay, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

Great photos! I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying shooting in RAW. It's a completely different experience and you can go 'crazy' editing. I like that you can bring what you truly saw through your eyes.

I'm sure that your client loved the pictures. I know I would if these were for me :)

Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your curie vote!

So appreciate your message delishtreats. Thank you!

What may have been hard and heavy work became an extraordinary adventure.
I love it when this happens, nothing better than working on what you love.
Everything was in your favor, your dog, the snake and the wonderful
White-faced Ibis, God, what a spectacular flight.
Stay Great!
Thanks Curie for a lovely selection.

Hi, I agree I love it when this happens. Thank you!

Wow! This adventure is one for keeps! But that snake scare the wits out of me! Such a frightening sight.

But the birds are lovely!!! 😍😍😍 What a beautiful shot you made there! And the landscape is also a magnificent sight. I couldn't help but feel a bit envious. Hahaha! 😂

Thank you for sharing your adventure. Have a great day ahead. 😉

Hi, I appreciate your comment. My pleasure and Thank you.

You're most welcome. 😊

Wow what an amazing report! Absolute stunning photos!

I think you are super talented for both photography/writing.

When ever you write more about your trips then you could consider using the #travelfeed tag and for higher upvotes use the TravelFeed.io website to publish your posts directly :))

Thanks for sharing this post and welcome on Steemit! :))

How amazing are the photos! I admire the sharpness of your camera, they are super colorful and exciting ♡ Congratulations and thank you for sharing your great work

Hi, My pleasure. Thank you so much. :)

These are some amazing shots😍 I love them, specially the one with the snake and the close up of the flying birds.

Hi, Thank you.

Amazing shots! The inbetween paragraphs only spice the story behind each and every one of them :)

Aye @ruth-girl I found your twin. She even has a dog to keep Hera company ♡

Thank You! :) Girls best friend!

Yes please! Soon I am getting my own... Fingers crossed.

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