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RE: More Spring Flowers and Gardening

in #photography4 years ago

Some really lovely shots, Lightsplasher. Your garden is doing well and you will be snacking on it before you know. I think those flowered trees are probably apple or if you live someplace warmer ... maybe almond. But I would go with apple. You will have to go back in the autumn and see what grows:)


I think apple is more likely - I think it is too cold here for almond. Sometimes the trees just flower and nothing grows on them though. I always like to get the apples myself but I guess some people don't like to have to harvest the fruit. I'll try to remember to look in the fall. Thank you.

@lightsplasher of your potato plant is very little why do not you plant with a lot of @lightsplasher

@lightsplasher apakabar you are now @lightsplasher hope you are healthy always so i can see your good post, and i await you in my post @lightsplasher, hopefully i continue to be friends @lightsplasher, best wishes lightplashe

These are just a couple of the smaller containers with lettuce and other vegetables growing. I have a larger garden in the front yard. There are several bags growing potatoes too but they are not shown here in this picture.

How are my friends today I will always follow about my friend's post, because many things I find very useful fan of gardening.
I will wait for his next photo on potato plants in the garden of my friend @lightsplasher I also really like gardening hopefully my friend @lightsplasher always successful in gardening that my expectations.

@lightsplasher, means you are a liked plants like farmers, such as my life that hifuo with the results of agriculture, I am waiting posts @lightsplasher next, we wish your plants fast harvest,

Amazing, an interesting sight. your creativity inspires me.

I like apples, in my area no one is planting apples.

Me too, apples do really nicely around here. There are many different varieties that are produced locally. My apple trees don't look like they are going to fruit this year though.

I hope your apple will be fruitful, and harvest foam a lot, sehungga can friends share for us here ..

Perhaps the right pollinator is not around or they are a gender specific plant. Otherwise fruit should appear ... sometimes the fruit can be very small. And with that ... I am out of ideas:)

Actually I went back today and it looks like some of the trees have some small fruit on them left from last season. I tried one but there was not much taste to it and I didn't know what it was, so I spit it out. Maybe they are some sort of native cherry tree.


Will have to try the fresh harvest this summer:)

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