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I had bought my wife, Deborah, a potted miniature rose this past Valentines day. When I re-potted it I found there were actually 4 plants in the small pot. I moved them to individual pots and they are beginning to bloom. The above photo is the first to begin to open.

I have mentioned in previous posts that I have run into a glitch with Gofundme, and donations for Ana. Here is the main email I received:

gofundme refund.jpg

I did all the things they requested and they stayed the course and refunded the money. I have had a few suggestions of how to get the funds to Ana, but have been unable to figure any of them out. So now what? I have $61 that was based on the one post, and 2 donations. Now I can refund the steem and SBD to:


But, I am unable to refund all the earnings for those who upvoted the post. I also had a post about Ana end on the 21st, which the total I would have sent would be $8.64.

Before I continue I wanted to share a Private Message on Discord from @marriakjozhe:

"Hi guys, excuse me for getting lost but I had to focus on moving with the things I had in front of me, we got the operation where Ana had her biopsy and already has her chemo treatment, is a treatment that lasts 5 years and we are very hopeful that she will overcome without sequelae. Thank you for your support even though I wasn't here. In all this time I learned that we are great. Little by little we move forward."

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Great news! But Ana's ongoing treatment will continue to cost money.

I feel my hands are tied because I am unable to get the funds to her Gofundme project. I want to to donate the funds somewhere and if I cannot get it to Ana I feel it should go to a resource in Venezuela that is helping the people. The first thought is that I donate it to @aid.Venezuela. Zaxan does a wonderful job of providing documentation. But I would like to give those of you that upvoted the post(s) the opportunity to have a say. So in your comments please give me your thoughts. Of course you can still comment on the photographs I am about to share, but I am also asking for in out on what to do with the money...I will not keep it because the whole idea was raising donation. If I am unclear on anything I have written please let me know so I can clarify.

@Mamun123456 and @hafizullah both sent funds to my steemit wallet, so I am asking you if it is okay to donate it to @aid.venezuela or do you want it returned to your wallet. Feel free to send me a Private Message on Discord or tell me here in your comment.

There were many more emails back and forth between Gofundme and myself, although they were not willing to change their mind. I even sent them the url for the posts so they could see where the money came from.

Here is the latest post from @aid.venezuela, which is well worth reading to better undrstand what is going on there: https://steemit.com/aidvenezuela/@aid.venezuela/aidvenezuelaareportaboutvenezuelasituationacountryrichinpoverty-p008zfobqx

Wow! This going to be a long post...let us move onto some photography that I have selected for this weekend's post.

I sometimes share wildlife photographs toward the end of the post but I want to share this photograph I picked up on my Game Camera.


Here is a Petunia that I first saw this year. It is called Black Mamba. It does well in a container with other varieties, in that it stays in a clump and does not spread all over covering other varieties.


This next flower I do not believe I have posted anywhere yet. It is a macro-view of a peony. All the peonies I have are doubles except this one, which is a single. It is also is closer to read than some of the others.


Here is one of my later varieties of Peony. She is just beginning to open.


This last one is another Dianthus that I have.


That brings us to the close of this weekend's post. I was not sure I could finish it today, but I got on a roll and kept going with it. I hope you each find at least one photograph that touches you. Be sure and leave as part of your comment information as what I should do with the donated money.

I am using a Canon EOS Rebel T5 for all of these photographs, except where noted. When I use a photo of my game camera I try to make note of it. It is usual of wildlife.

I would remind everyone that the issues in Venezuela are far from over. Here are a couple of links for programs in Venezuela that can still use our aid. I plan on adding them as partial beneficiaries to this post (it is not a lot, but every little bit adds up over time):

I encourage everyone to read posts at @aid.venezuela, especially the one I added earlier in this post.

There are two other programs located in Bangladesh that I have supportive of as well, and both can always use assistance. Each has an important role to play in their community. These programs were founded by @azizbd.


Check all their blogs for more information on the excellent work they have been doing.

There is another user (https://steemit.com/@theunion) that is trying to help Spanish speaking peoples in the Americas. If I am understanding correctly they will also support users who's first language is other than Spanish.

Here is a quote from one of their recent post (as of this writing 15 minutes ago):

"The @theunion project was created to reward and contribute to the growth of steemit users, who publish 100% original content, helping us to have greater visibility on the platform, always using the slogan "The Union Makes the Force", whose base is mutual support When you click on the image, you will access the original publication, then the curated images will be presented on 21/06/19."

@theunion can also use our support so they can continue get exposure for many users who do quality posting. To translate Spanish to English I have found https://www.deepl.com/translator works the best. Thanks to @zaxan of @aid.venezuela for sharing this with me.

I am continuing to add the above usernames/projects as beneficiaries of this post. It may not be a lot, but it all adds up. I have some on auto-upvote when they do a post.


end of post graphic.png



Thank you for all your support Mr @r2cornell. We are sorry to read that gofundme put through with donations made by you to Ana's campaign.
We talked to @marriakjozhe and asked him to do a fundition campaign. However because of the same situation and the delicacy of the baby's case they could not have had time for it. Nevertheless we believe that for this type of cases it is better to use this decentralized platform where there are not so many blockages with regard to the money in USD.

If in such a case you decide to donate the money to our cause thank you very much. If not in the same way I think they can donate the money in the form of STEEM/sbd to them because in Venezuela there is a medium called orinoco.io with which changes are made to the official currency of our country.

Hope all become good for Ana ♥

Gracias! I cannot understand why a multiple donations are not okay through gofundme. I made my own donation and then was able to get $161 from post earnings and generous donations to Ana's project before they had a problem. I feel sad because no one had made a donation except me for quite awhile.

I have changed my mind about go fund me with this experience.

I know if we send it to @aid.venezuela it will be put to good use to help those in most need. I will keep you posted...thus far no one is objecting, but then a good portion of the world is sleeping.

I need to get outside and get a some work done before it rains again. I have been feeling a little down about the gofundme situation and have been unmotivated. Then I remind myself of what a colleague told me when I was doing rehabilitation counseling (groups); I am responsible for the effort and not the outcome.

thanks aid ven ezuela i think your comment is really disapoint for r2cornell .he really work hard..yap think this #problem will be solved . best of luck

It is unfortunate that the funds may not get to Ana's project. But I had made a personal donation that did go and then funds raised through posts on steemit all but the last one went through. But if what was refunded and more recent earnings and donation go to @aid.venezuela I am confident it will reach those that really need it in Venezuela.

I am grateful to all who supported this effort and in fact still support it through prayer and positive thoughts.

I'm Really happy to see you doing good for some Venezuelan people. hope Ana become more good and keep living fine.
God bless all the work you're doing mister cornell!

Sorry to hear about gofundme situation grandpa.

Great flower photography as usual. I love it

Have a great weekend everybody

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Have a great one yourself.

Wow ...the peony is beautiful.

For the case of the donation, can you create another account probably in your daughter's name since your personal account can no longer send through gofundme for Ana case?

Refunding the donation would be something else and mostly time-consuming as you would have to sit to start rooting out the names of those that donated to the cause.

Good post as always, thanks for the flower and good thing that i am your follower...:)

Donations to gofundme are paid with credit card. Only 3 actual donations have been effective and one person is already is okay if it goes to help others in Venezuela. Previous donations did go through and were accepted by Gofundme. I believe you sent a donation to my wallet, and it was part of payment that went to Ana's project.

Oh...ok then.
Very good to be part of it.
How about the Orinoco.io suggested by aid.Venezuela?
It would have been really good the donation got to Ana

There would have to be someone who could be trusted that would use that exchange within Venezuela, and was close enough to the project that we could trust that it got there.

Let the search begin for the trusted fellow in Venezuela. Could there be one? I believe you could ask such question in your next post.

Flowers micro photography very inspiring. First one very specially rose to mine.
Always deer entered to your post. I think he's your good friend.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Primero que nada @r2cornell tenia algún tiempo que no estaba tan activa por Steemit, espero poder de ahora en adelante pasar más tiempo aquí, veo que continuas realizando una gran labor con las plantas de tu jardín además tienes unas hermosas flores y de distintas clases como esa hermosa Rosas que le regalo a su esposa y de las fotografias que nos mostraste en tu publicación la que más me gustó es la Petunia que denominas Black Mamba, sencillamente magnifica. Saludos para usted y para toda si familia desde Venezuela. Feliz noche

Muchísimas gracias. Se lo agradezco.

A veces los requisitos de la vida nos impiden pasar tanto tiempo en Steemit.

Aloha R2Cornell,
I wish you and your wife many blessings for the love and efforts you put in to help Ana, Venezuela and also those you help on Steemit and now PALNET.

Additionally, I wish to thank you for introducing me to Peonies. While I mainly grow orchids, I and my wife grow some other flowers, but your post has interested us both in Peonies. They are pretty flowers with very nice colors. I was particularly intrigued by the Black Mamba, a rich black color, done so well by Mother Nature and your photo was quite pretty. Although it is a Petunia, it is quite lovely. Funny that it’s named after a snake, but the snake is not so well behaved as this flower. 😂
I wonder if it’s hard to find? I will look for red and pink Petunias and a black Petunia this week.
Thanks again and may God bless you and your wife for your efforts to help others.

Thank you very much. I am happy you enjoyed.

I had never seen the black petunia before. I spotted it at a plant nursery. Peonies are wonderful and has a scent that can compete with roses. My preference is for the doubles. I have one single and it is pretty red. I should look for a red one that is a double'

Doubles? Wow. That sounds very nice. Now I have an additional task to add to my adventure to find peonies and petunas, searching for doubles. If I find one I will post a picture.

Sir you are so genuine about things and related to money i really appriciated it. And good shot. And beautiful Rose sir ☺️👍

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Regards @r2cornell

I made a post
for Ana in Venezuela, and all,
the post prize I made
I, give to "Ana" through your account
Hopefully, what me give, can help with the "Ana" needs there.

you can see it here

Painting gift for little girl "Ana Hurtado Aponte" tumor sufferer from Venezuela


greetings from me @sultan-aceh representing the team xpilarnorway.

Thank you for the donations for Ana. Unfortunately Gofundme will not take money from me anymore.

My only solution is to return donations to you or send them to @aid.venezuela. Again read through my post I gave you and let me know if you want me to send your donation back or on to @aid.venezuela. I was able to at least contribute $162 before they decided the small amounts (between $50 and $60, Plus I had sent a larger personal donation. I included above the email I received from gofundme in the post listed above. Let me know how to proceed with your donation.

nei problem @r2cornell

You can do anything from donations that I send, and you can give it to what you mean to @aid.venezuela.

glad I and teamxpilar can, know you

hilsen @sultan-aceh and #teamxpilar

Thank you so much for your kindness. @aid.venezuela is doing so much for those in need and networking with foundations already functioning in the communities. If you read some of there posts they are doing so much, especially for the most vulnerable (children, elderly, and homeless.

Once the decision is made and I have made the move I will send you documentation.

Again thank you so much.

Greetings sir @r2cornell. Lovely rose and really it's the best gift for madam Deborah. Sorry to hear about Gofund, they should accept the donation for Ana. Your steem profile is unique and the source of Ana's donation clearly visible. Anyway we appreciate your great effort to help Ana. May God bless the cute Ana and give her a normal life like us.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

hopefully the treatment will go successfully money will come and go but life don't

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Beautiful picturues, as always. How lucky of you to have got 4 plants of roses in one!
About the donations, I'm sure there should not be any problem delegating them to either aid-venezuela or any other third party willing to make sure Ana gets it.
I' sure there has to be an easier method, either via wire transfers, or western union. These days there are people dealing with dollars via zele, a phone app that allows easy transaction without paying any fees.

back to the flowers, that mamba negra is just amazing. The Dianthus is so generous. It's like a whole basket full of flowers in itself.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Yes the "mamba negra" is just amazing. I had never seen this color in Petunias and had to try it. It goes well in a large pot with colorful petunias around it. But, but itself it is beautiful!

Awesome rose and others flowers . Namaste

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

All the flowers are beautiful. Thank u for sharing, Sir.

First I say that today you share an another amazing photography and very beautiful flower. I love rose very much and some time I buy this flower flower for my sister. I hope Ana will be better very soon

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Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

That rose looks so beautiful! It's my first time seeing a black flower. As always your photography really inspires me. Keep on going!

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Absolutely great capture photography dear friend and i also like to capture photography and I appreciate your post . thanks for sharing..

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Beautiful flowers. I like all

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wow so lovely rose flowers . its beautiful sir. great experience

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Beautiful pics of flowers . Happy weekend .
Namaste .

Hello greetings.
How sad that donation has not yet been resolved for Ana. The options of @hlezama me seem very good.
As for the flowers, I had never seen a black flower. I did not know they existed. It amazed me a lot, however, I prefer brightly colored flowers :)
The dianthus I love, here it is called clavelillo.I like it because they are of sun, A Mrs has all her window with clavelillos of various colors and her window is really beautiful, they are always flowered, there is a lot of sun and they stay beautiful .

I agree with like the brighter colors but when something comes across as unique as the black petunia I had to try it. When the sun strikes it just tight you can see the tint of dark, purple.

In the least we raised a fair amount of money that got to Ana's project. prior to that I made an additional personal donations. Having it go to @aid.venezuela makes me feel good. I trust what they are doing and it will stay in Venezuela and help others in need.

Back to flowers...thank you for the name used for Dianthus. I have them in containers and some growing in my flower garden. One plant is around 5 years old. I have other variations that seed and spread around the flower bed. Some of their scent is wonderful. I am allergic to some scents but thankfully Dianthus is not in the group. And even if it did bother me I would still enjoy the scent and the heck wiuth the consequences.

very nice photography my dear friend i like your photography

Woww... Lovely flower...i love photography ...my friend @r2cornell

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Amazing Photography Flowers 🌼🍁🌹

Unfortunately gofundme couldn't acceptance multiple donations. I keep fully belief Ana will be better soon. Beautiful naturalize captures again.

At least I got most of the money to Ana's project.

Thank you in regards to photos

wonderful flowers🥰

That is great. I believe ana is a great fighter and she will come out strong.I am happy for her

Thank you very much. I appreciate it! I am very hopeful for Ana

Mind blowing photography..

Grandpaa namaste. I think you should donate it to @aid.venezuela. Regarding flowers, I must say that "peony" flower is looking so amazing.

Thank you very much. I appreciate your input.

Hello @r2cornell
you really have big heart sir. you try to help her that's the great thing. i appreciate you work. our good works are always be with us and it always motivate to help needy people. First photograph of red rose is awesome. red rose is a symbol of love. nice post sir. thanks for share with us.


Thank you very much. I greatly appreciate it.

Excellent review @r2cornell and your photos of flowers as always great, especially when you make them close-up, it conveys all the subtleties of the flower!

Thank you. My favorite lens has been the macro-lens. It does bring things out that many of us do not notice. Sometimes the end results surprises me.

Rose is very beautiful. Namaste

Hello sir @r2cornell. the photos you display all look beautiful. I like everything. anyone who sees your photo shoot, I'm sure everyone will love it.

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Thank you very much. I am glad you enjoyed.

those kinds of issues make you don't like tech things sometimes but its make our life easier.
beautiful photographies and thank you for helping people @r2cornell

though your flower photography is awesome . but i am diappointed to hear this . its really bad .i hope this can be solve .best wishes for you

The rose is more beautiful than other flower. Your wife is lucky to has you, Sir.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Beautiful carnation, this plant always deserves special attention. It's amazing how nature could create such beauty. Thank you for your hard work and desire to make the world a better place.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it! Yes the carnation has so many variations and the odors are great.

Wow that is excellent photography and wonderful flowers .
Thanks @r2cornell
Have a nice day.

This one really surprised me. I set it as desktop background. It is amazing when it is viewed in an app that makes it full screen.

Thank you


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@r2cornell, We see roses on daily basis but through this picture you've shared the depth of it. Stay blessed.

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