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I wanted to do a post today so I could let those of you who have not heard that similar to palnet there is another site that you can earn on at the same time you earn on steemit and palnet. This site is https://www.neoxian.city. I was fortunate to be invited to their Discord server prior to the launch and was able to participate in their airdrop. Only members of their Discord community participated, but their site has launched a couple of days ago. You can also purchase their native token through Steem-engine.com, and currently the price of Neoxian Silver (NEOXAG) is approximately $0.03. I encourage you to check out https://www.neoxian.city and sign in using your steemit username. There is a lot of excitement with the neoxian followers, as well as people signing up for their platform. I had already purchased NEOX prior to my invitation to join their Discord Server. But, it is the NEOXAG that is earned at their site. So come join us.


As many of you know I prefer doing one or two quality post per week, so even though I include other information besides my photography, I still prefer doing this so as to provide information such as above, and information on some of the charitable organizations I support. My photographs are "window dressing" so to speak. Yet, I am passionate about photography I do and the organizations and services I support. I could do numerous smaller posts but then I would not be able to upvote (or significantly reduce my vote percentage) comments and probably would have to do less replies. I hope you enjoy all aspects of what I share.

Now onto flowers. The above Petunia has shown up on previous posts, yet this photo itself has not made its debut until today. Sometimes I am not sure if all photographs I take bring out the full essence to the flowers, yet they are still beautiful.

Today I have a mixture of flowers and other photos to share. The following is a photograph of a producing cherry tree. These are used mostly for making pies. They are sour compared to many cherries, yet when sweeteners are added such as in a pie they are wonderful. Right now it is a race between the birds and myself as to who will get the most. I do not mind sharing with wildlife, both in my orchard and garden. As long as I get my fare share.


I have yet to return to container gardening, except many of my annuals and some tender perennials (flowers) that are grown in containers. Here is some salad tomatoes I am growing in my small greenhouse. I have been getting some fruit from the potted tomato plants.


This next flower is a blossom from my Hawthorn tree. I almost forgot about getting a photo or two, but found a couple of blooms that looked relatively nice.


I have been experimenting with growing scallions in a container and have been very please with the results. As I remodel my plant room for the winter I plan on growing. It will make a great addition to a salad. These scallions are sweet and red. They are good eating raw with a meal as well.


My final photograph is one of my Peony plants. I do not think I snapped any photos of the whole plant and posted. This a very beautiful peony and I have used some macro-shots of some of its flowers.


This brings us to the end of the photographs for the day. I hope you find at least one item here that you enjoy.

I am using a Canon EOS Rebel T5 for all of these photographs, except where noted.

Food for life | Soliciting support for our nutritional screening by aid.venezuela is still raising money to aid their fellow countryman, women, and children. As in most places where there is problems the children and elderly seem to take the hardest hit. I believe in Venezuela it goes beyond this and affects many people of all ages. Here is a link to their Fundition program, followed by their latest posts showing how the money is being used.



I would also like to let you know about @socialbot where there is a ROI for those who delegate, but then earnings by @socialbot earns from curating are contributed to social oriented programs. There main site states 120% reward for delegators. I will use parts of a comment I left on one of their posts to clarify this:

  • My understanding is that those that delegate will receive a portion of the earnings of the post. So that the 100% earnings is divided among those that delegate. I personally delegated 1000 SP (it might be a little higher now) and I receive on average 13 - 15% annual rate of return. I say pretty close because sometimes it is more. The rate of return on what I delegated is very competitive. Now for the 20% which brings up the 120% issue. The 20% is what is earned through curation. ( "20% share of Delegators will be donated to charities on behalf of delegators from each powerdown by @SocialBot"). That curated earnings is donated to the charities. Those of us who delegated are helping to build donations to the charities that are mentioned in their post. @schoolforsdg4 is the primary recipient, but in time part of that 20% will be split between @schoolforSDG4 and other charitable/social projects.

In addition to that if you "send minimum 0.1 to maximum 0.55 steem with Memo of your post link" you will receive an upvote. I have used this service and my earnings from their upvote has always been more value than what I sent. If their voting power is too low you go into a queue and receive your upvote when their Voting Power increases.

Their link is https://steemit.com/@socialbot

I am using a Canon EOS Rebel T5 for all of these photographs, except where noted.

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Thank you for the heads-up on the new platform. Great content as always.

Check it out. You will enjoy!

The growing of new tribes on steemit is making the new steem great. I just heard about the neoxian city tribe today also

Thank you. It is worth signing up for neoxian.city. The upvote here will be larger there, even in USD terms.

Great photographs again Grandpa. Thank you for the information on Neoxian.city

I will check it out.

Thanks hon. I hope you like Neoxian.city.

Looking forward to seeing your new house!

Glad to join neoxian city sir and i have made a couple of posts already
Great post as always
Thanks for sharing good photography

Looks like I missed this comment. Great to have you in the city

Good article with nice photos @r2cornell..
Keep it up..

Very nice flowres

Very nice and great photography my dear friend r2cornell

Thanks for information, Sir. The flowers are very interesting. I like all.Have a nice day, Sir.

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There are so many beautiful flowers. I like these colors did you selected.
I know your living area so remarkable.

Very useful information. The flowers are beautiful, Sir.

Thanks for the tip Cornell. Palnet has been such an exciting project, hopefully, Neoxian will catch on well too. Will give it a try for sure.

I think you will be surprised at neoxian.city...after my up vote here then check what you made on Neoxian.city. Multiply that by the last sell price of $0.02749, and you will see why many are excited about the project.

its like cherry on the top to make this week even special thanks for sharing this :D

Thank you very much. Glad you enjoyed.

Thanks sir for the valuable information about neoxian.city and their new token. I will check it out. Anyway your photography is always excellent. Really I enjoy your photographic magic.

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Thank you very much.

At least sign up by logging into www.neoxian.city, because any upvote you receive here will also give you earnings there. Current prices you would earn more there from my upvote.

I'll check it out about neoxian.city later. I heard before. But didn't get try. Tomatoes seems well growing and started to gives harvest. Flowers captures so delightful.

Thanks for the tips of neoxian. I can't catch up with so many new coins and crypto things that are created every day. I have forgotten most of the passwords that I have created in some sites that require registration to claim tokens and the like.
I have a lot to learn about these things. I have not even checked my mana account in months. I can't remember by password. Anyway
Thanks for anothe rbeautiful bouquet of flowers and veggies.
Those tomatoes look perfect..

I had to get an encrypted password safe to keep track of everything. Nice thing about neoxian city is you use you posting key from steemit. Hopefully you saved that somewhere.

glad you liked the photographs.

Another beautiful flowers photography collection. Growing vegans best idea. I love your tremendous effort.

Thank you very much. Thank you for visiting.

nature picture is the best

I love is rose. looking for pink color. this is great camera shots and nice article.

Thank you very much. I am happy you liked.

Eso es muy cierto @r2cornell es muy bueno hacer las cosas que más nos gustan como en su caso amigo es la fotografía, además es muy interesante esa información de la comunidad de Discord que mencionas Neoxian Silver (NEOXAG). Gracias por siempre apoyarnos y estar al pendiente de todos nosotros. Saludos y feliz dia

Gracias y bienvenidos por la información. Espero que visiten https://www.neoxian.city

Podría haber algún potencial allí. El voto de steemit transfirió un voto a neoxian.city por la suma de 62 NEOXAG. Al precio actual del mercado en motores de vapor, el 62 tiene un valor de 1,07$ en USD. Creo que el 50% le llegará en forma de NEOXAG al cabo de 7 días.

Espero que esto se traduzca bien.

That is valuable article sir. nice enjoy it. so great photography and lovely flowers.
Thanks @r2cornell
Have a nice day.

Thank you very much. I am happy you liked.

Wao what a impressive photography. All flowers looks so wonderfull. Peony plant is my favourite in your photography. I m big fan of your photography sir. Thanks for sharing. @r2cornell.

Thank you very much. I am happy you liked.

Always pleasure to see your posts , what a wonderful photos

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Beautiful flowers and also a great to see you continue supporting our project! Really thanks for be and Angel in all this situation. Hope we can start making more profits with this great new tribe and make more support to our venezuelan people!

Thank you for visiting my blog and enjoyed my flowers

Its really beautiful.

Nature is just so beautiful. Exploration is what we need to do and we can feel how blessed we are. Nice shot. Thanx for sharing.

Hello @r2cornell another beautiful flowers photographs.
thanks for the information about NEOXAG. i have make post with nioxian tag.
i love tomato beautiful photograph of tomato plant.
thanks for share with us sir.
have a nice day.


Thank you very much. Nice to see you posting on neoxian city. Another great adventure!

Really impresive pictures i had to take some went have a couple of time, also a really good explanation about neoxian city.
Now i need to change my tag list and start being conscious about that.

Love to see that you continue making a great work supporting @aid.venezuela project and also some others ones. You're the a great man mister cornell ♥

Thank you. I had to go back and make sure I did not forget the PALNET tag. Hope neoxian city works out for you.

very substantial and up to date information. thanks a lot. my question is that a priority to join them on discord to start using the site? thanks

I am logged into https://www.neoxian.city and my upvote through steemit has earnings of NEOXAG of 36.64. Check it out. Based on the last sell price on Steem-engine it totals to earning $1.08. There is no guarantee the price will not fluctuate over time or that if you went to sell that the price would lower.

thanks a lot I dear

You do not need to be invited to their Discord Server to sign up at https://www.neoxian.city

Feel free to let me know if you have other questions. You can always DM in Discord.

Thank you for visiting my post and expressing an interest in neoxian.city

Thanks for the information, I will definitely use it. Your flowers are beautiful as always.

Thank you. It is worth signing up for neoxian.city. The upvote here will be larger there, even in USD terms.

Wao what a beautiful collection of photography. I really very like roses. Roses gives many benefits in your body.

Hi @r2cornell , I can only say, excellent dear sir, the pictures are wonderful, this is my favorite.


Woww amazing photography ❤️ beautifull Flowers 🌼

Perfect shot sir and pink color flowers in the last pic are just incredible, Yesterday i joined Neoxian.city which is my favorite one and they are supporting all user Have a good day to you sir

Thank you very much! Glad to have you in neoxian.city

My upvote here will show on neoxian city in NEOXAG.

Did you get on Neoxian's Discord Server? Cannot remember. If not DM me and I will see about an invite link.

yes sir i joined neoxian discord yesterday and i am already enjoying there one of my favorite server <3 will chat you there Thank you sir God Bless you

Hello sir @r2cornell, nice to meet you. this time I was late visiting your article. I am not aware that you have published the latest article. and when I checked it, I'm glad you published the latest article.

I thank you for the information on the neoxian site. I have seen it. I will try to make an article in Neoxian tonight. it looks like it's very exciting. and I like the last flower you showed. This peony flower looks very beautiful and cute.

Hopefully your days will always be enjoyable sir r2cornell.

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Thank you very much.

You can post here and use the neoxian tag and it will show in the "city". If you have not done so sign into the city using your steemit credentials.

When you post DM me on Discord and I will find the post.

Flowers are the most attractive in nature.

All the lovely flowers and greenish scenes freshen me, and thanks for info about NEOXAG. I definitely joined it.

Thank you very much. You will find that the upvote is a bit larger on neoxian.city, even when converted to USD. The amount of NEOXAG I have, increased with another drop so that means the upvote is stronger than the first few I did.

Your plants look well taken care of. I have some plants on the balcony, where I live, in small pots. I love the orchards although I do not have enough space where I live to create them :-)

Thank you. I grow most of my annuals in containers. It is easier to care for. In my orchard both my plum trees are loaded. I may have to thin some of the fruit so branches do not break. Those I will can for winter use, besides eating or fill of fresh.

@r2cornell, I will definitely look into the Neoxian City and great to know that one more Community rised.

These flowers and cherries are beautiful aspects and so motivating to spend some time in nature and gardens. Stay blessed brother.

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Great to hear about neoxian.city ; never know how things will turn out but it is getting a nice start. One post leads to being on three platforms at the same time, and earning three ways. It definitely helps with prices of steem so low.

Thank you in regards to photos.

Welcome and definitely all these Communities and opportunities which they are bringing is really exciting aspect. Enjoy your time ahead.

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Thanks for heads up. I´m walking in the new city 😁😁

“The earth laughs in flowers.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Your welcome. I think you will like the new city!

Hi how are you? Thank you for sharing information about this neoxian platform. But I would like to know more, for example, should we publish using the neoxian label or how are your tokens earned?
As for the flowers, I love peonies. They are very beautiful.

This morning all glitches have been worked out. I am replying from neoxian.city blog. You earned, from my upvote, 50.32 NEOXAG. Current market sell price is $0.02281per NEOXAG.

Thank you.

When you post on steemit use the tag neoxian in your post. You may want to neoxian.city on log in using your steemit information first. Then submit your post on steemit and it should show up on neoxian.city

Anyone who has any staked neoxag that votes on your post within steemit would also show up as neoxag on neoxian.city post. You could get votes from either place and it would impact both sites. The amount of the vote would depend on how much neoxag and the percent the person votes.

Eventually with the post matures you would get the neoxag in that wallet and of course steemit works like it always does.

When you do a post using the tag let me know. You can direct message me on Discord (r2cornell#5314).

I will get to your post that way and if any difficulties we can discuss then. Hope this helps. My upvote on this comment will show up in my post on neoxian.city

For some reason I am having glitches both on steemit and on neoxian.city. It happened earlier too. ON the previous post that you commented on it shows the upvote in neoxian.city. but this one has not shown up. Maybe I am just tired. Give it a try and let us see.

All pics are very good . Namaste

there is not just NEOXAG there is STEEMLEO and reggaesteem and maybe there is more
we still need a huge marketing campaign to let people know about steem

Thank you very much. Yes there is steemleo, which is focused on financial related posts. I own some even though I do not do financial related posts. There are many popping up that are topic specific. Another open topic token is PAL, which I also own. A review of steem-engine under tokens will list many others.

Thanks for using #neoxian tag on your post , Your post has been upvoted by @zaku-ag courtesy of @zaku! Enjoy neoxian.city and keep posting valuable contents .

Thank you very much @zaku...I am glad I got involved with neoxian.city...I wish I had more time to spend on the Discord channel, but then I would not get anything else done. As it is I am behind on regular chores but I will catch up. I think Neoxian.city has a lot of potential.

Beautiful flowers and fruits plants. Nice photography. Namaste

In my opinion, flowers represent all the beauty of the plant world. It's amazing how nature could create such a huge number of varieties of flowers, they are different in name and color. And each plant has its own individuality. When a photo is taken in macro mode, the viewing effect becomes amazing. Thank you, sir, for your work and desire to show society all the natural beauty and diversity of the plant world. May your diligence and love for green nature bring you joy and prosperity.

Thank you very much. I appreciate your comment.


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Thank you very much! Yummy!

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Lovely flowers as usual.
Thank you for the information on Neoxian Silver (NEOXAG). I was on Steem Engine yesterday and saw the coin and started investigating it, then saw your name as a buyer, so trusting you I trust them and I bought some of their coins. You can imagine how happy I was to see your special post in the middle of the week today, which just happens to have a positive reference to them. So since their coin price is down today I will probably buy more. I will also follow the links you provided and try to learn and profit from this additional opportunity.
Thank you very much,


very nice photography with helping information.

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