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Greetings all. I posted the above apple blossom from one of my apple trees as a way to capture your attention for this post on container gardening. It is always nice to have a beautiful flower to begin any post. I have been asked numerous times about doing a post on container growing of flowers and vegetables. I use a variety of techniques and it brings a dilemma as to where to begin. If all goes according to plan I will do an ongoing series of container growing.

As noted in previous posts I have plenty of land to raise vegetables and flowers, but have been experimenting with different techniques of using containers. I do this both indoors during our winter months , as well as outdoors during late Spring to early Fall. Some are grown in a small greenhouse and some outside. I started doing the container gardening primarily as an indoor project, but it carried over to much more. Now it is a way to show people how they can grow vegetables (and flowers) even if they do not have a lot of space. I also started thinking that maybe when I get into my 90's I will find it easier to keep growing food this way.

I would like to begin with growing micro-greens. I have used variations of this over the years, but this past winter and even now in the Spring I am growing micro-greens outside. This first photograph is showing the start of the process, which is seeding. There are ways to grow micro-greens without soil but I find an organic potting mix works best for me. When I am finished with the soil I add it to my garden, and I believe it is less expensive. Here I plant the seeds thicker than I would planting on rows in the garden. I press them into the potting mix with a piece of wood and then I will add a layer of potting mix on top of the seeds. I also press the soil down using the block of wood showing. In these flats are buckwheat, sunflower, beets, salad mix from the cabbage family, and peas. Once planted I cover with cardboard so they do not dry out.


The next two photographs show some of the greens ready to start cutting for salads. I have also juiced them, and have used them in soups. The first set of flats are after a couple of weeks, and the second a little longer. Most are ready to start cutting for salads. The beets keep growing new leaves and the peas grow more and I get a second cutting.



The next photo is showing lettuce plants in pots, then radish (which are ready to start pulling a few small ones to thin the planting, and then I am experimenting with scallions in a container.


I am editing and adding this photograph of a few cucumbers I grew in containers. They are developed for container growing. They range form 5 inches to 8 inches long.


I mentioned in my weekend post that I had been working on potting flowering plants in pots for my wife on Mother's Day. To make it easier to move the pots around I built small platforms with casters to better push the pots around. The smaller pots are easy to move the larger pots can get heavy. I have two more pots that I am planting seeds, and these will be larger pots. The first photo shows the bottom of the platform and the second photo I am trying to capture the essence of the flowers (I will have more photos of each flower in future posts):



This post just touches on container growing. I am hoping to do a series of post with different methods and material I use. I hope you will enjoy this series that I am starting. I am hoping to this series during the week and keep my weekend post the same as it has been.

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I would remind everyone that the issues in Venezuela are far from over. Here are a couple of links for programs in Venezuela that can still use our aid. I plan on adding them as partial beneficiaries to this post (it is not a lot, but every little bit adds up over time):

I continue to add each of these projects as beneficiaries to sharing in a portion of the earnings from my post.

https://fundition.io/#!/@aid.venezuela/30wfgrql0 (They continue to accept donation through Fundition until their new program begins)

https://steemit.com/@arrozymangophoto (the children seem to be really enjoying building their puppets)
https://fundition.io/#!/@arrozymangophoto/z31fxh41j (new Fundition program building off of first one)

They are providing good documentation of what they are doing through video, photographs, and narrative). Please take the time and check them out.

There are two other programs located in Bangladesh that I have tried to support as well, and both can always use assistance. Each has an important role to play in their community.


Check all their blogs for more information on the excellent work they have been doing.

There is another user (https://steemit.com/@theunion) that is trying to help Spanish speaking peoples in the Americas. If I am understanding correctly they will also support users who's first language is other than Spanish.

Here is a quote from their recent post:

The @theunion project was created to reward and contribute to the growth of steemit users, who publish 100% original content, helping us to have greater visibility on the platform, always using the slogan "The Union Makes the Force", whose base is mutual support When you click on the image, you will access the original publication, then the curated images will be presented on 14/05/19.

Bothe @theunion and those whose posts are presented would benefit from support.

I am using a Canon EOS Rebel T5 for all of these photographs, except where noted. When I use my daughter's photos she is using the T6.


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I sure enjoyed that one ,looking forward to the next part

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I have not seen an apple blossom...truly good thing to see this....great relationship with nature sir. Thanks for sharing

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

@r2cornell sir. the posts that you present are amazing. and I also like to open your posts with apple flowers. looks #awesome sir. I also like the vegetables you plant. it looks close to me . all the photos you shows are very beautiful and Thanks #sir

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Great post Grandpa!

Wow so great work and excellent photography sir. very beautiful

Hello @r2cornell
this time i am late because i am out of station. today i hardly get some time for the make post and comment. beautiful photograph of flower sir.
it is looks like the macro photograph.i have mark that active person are always physical fit. Beautiful post. i like your vegetables farm. small but beautiful. Awesome post sir. Thanks for share with us.


Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Wao what a impressive photography. All flowers looks so wonderful. Vegeatables gives you many nutrients. First flower of your photography is my favourite. Natural beauty always attracts the peoples. Thanks for sharing.@r2cornell.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

That is really wonderful and lovely post, thanks for sharing.

looks like you have an amazing garden :D
I like soup too :)

Thank you very much. Plan to more related posts

More beautiful flowers finally. There were more colorful flowers for scenery.

We are extremely grateful for the support provided and for the mention.
Have a great night sr.😊

Wow ! Beautiful flowers and plants . Good gardening . Namaste

That apple blossom is really a beauty and not to mention those succulent cucumbers, it is a great job that performs. Greetings Sir 👋👋

Good night, sir. the posts that you display are amazing. and I also like to open your posts with apple flowers. looks good sir. I also like the vegetables you plant. it looks like you really like plants. all the photos you display are very beautiful.

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Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Hello sir @r2cornell, nice to meet you again. the article that you show is very interesting. I really enjoyed it. it looks like you are very mature in preparing articles. the proof is from the photoshoot, the contents of the article, all in my opinion are very perfect. the flowers and vegetables you display are very beautiful. and hopefully your days are always fun.

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Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Deine Experimente mit den Anbaumethoden hören sich interessant an.

Vielen Dank. Es ist geplant, zusätzliche Posts zu diesem Thema zu verfassen.

Greetings @ r2cornell

You have a productive process in this publication, where you show how you prepare the substrate with the seeds, place the elements in each container, and the final result, the plants to harvest.

Samples up to a container transport system. A whole productive process.

Excellent work, you can see the discipline and the commitment put into their projects.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Nice photography!! Love your photos!!
This photo is clicked by me...
And it also

Dear @r2cornell i great post ever. Sir i just like so much your one word It is always nice to have a beautiful flower to begin any post, this is not for posting issue, this the real for our real life, if we are able to start our day with seeing some beautiful flower hope every second of this day will great for us.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

It sounds great you are apple grower. It is amazing to see these pictures. I'm also a apple grower.

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Excellent review @r2cornell and you are great that you have grown such a rich seedling of vegetables and flowers, I am sure that with such seedlings you will have a very good harvest!

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Very beautiful photography collection and nice explained. These gardening projects will give big benefits.

beautiful flowers, with soft and charming colors

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beautiful flowers, you are definitely a true flower lover

Love your this photo!! This is too much beautiful!! @r2cornell

Thank you very much.

So beautiful and adorable

@r2cornell, That's pretty nice container gardening. Vegetables growing perfect for budget and healthy. I most time seen cherry blossoms. But not seen Apple blossoms. Final flower baskets delightful.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Flower garden is very good to me.Because flowers increase our natural beauty.And so we all have to be careful in the flower garden.Sir, I think you love flowers like me?


Thank you very much.

Thank you for sharing your photo.

Good to check out this today beautiful shots straight from there so nice :D

i love this one sir .this is #great flower . what is the name of this flower ?

Thank you very much.

This is a blossom from one of my apple trees.

Very beautiful flowers photography.Excellent post.my friend r2cornell. I'm using steemit first, please support me and follow me

Thank you very much. I appreciate your comment! And thank you for visiting my blog.

Hello my best friend @r2cornell this is one of the flowers that I like the most
I wish my position was close to you there
Surely I asked for a little flower seed.

How are you dear. Are you alright

Thank you very much. I appreciate it! This year, for these flowers I bought plants. I just did not have the time to start them from seeds like I usually do.

so it's all the flowers you bought ... I think that the price must be expensive

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They were fairly priced, but I much prefer starting them from seed. With the stressors of the past year over, and I should be able to keep up with all my work this year, next Spring well before planting time I will be able to start all my seeds. I was able to get vegetables seeded and I am growing in greenhouse until it is time to plant outdoors.

that's a very good idea my friend

I also prefer to plant from seeds or from small to large. if I buy flowers, of course I buy a small one and I will take care of myself further and better

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Wow really appreciate sir your great photography and article...

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Aww really beautiful creatures, actually all flower looks wonderful

Wow.. very beautiful flower and u plant some vegetables, sir.. I like ur gorden..

Hey. A very interesting way of growing greens. I grow greens in the garden. It seems to me that this method is easier.
And the photos of you, as always, are very beautiful.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

I also grow greens in the garden but I get production quicker this method. Then in cold of winter I can grow indoors under light.

Hi sir
Indeed nice set of photos you shared with this post. All these photos are superb and cucumbers are looking fresh. Thanks for sharing.

Is this your cucumber harvest? Awesome planning sir. Every time you captured nature's photography.

great photography and very beautiful flower my dear friend @r2cornell

beautiful flower, has a charm that is very fascinating for anyone who sees it

beautiful photography dear. thanks for share. had a nice day.

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The combination of Colour of this flower is so beautiful . It's just attracted my eyesight . So lovely and nice to see it . ☺️

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wow, you really enjoy the beautiful flowers in your garden, this is amazing

May they all grow to be beautiful plants!

Very amazing photography dear. I like this flower and the HD photo is making it awesome.

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Greetings sir @r2cornell. The flowers photography are really amazing. I always enjoy your photographic magic and appreciate your great job for Venezuela crisis. Keep up your great job, God bless you.

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Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Es impresionante el trabajo que realizas en tu jardin @r2cornell y de como cultivas plantas comestibles y otras de flores de verdad felicitaciones ya que noy mejor sensación que la de disfrutar de cosechar nuestros alimentos

Gracias @ franciscana23. La comida sabe mejor y es una buena sensación. Se está acercando rápidamente el momento de plantar mi jardín principal.

Espero tener mi post de fin de semana listo en una hora.

That's a great photos..

Very beautiful flowers and photos. I really like your posting. Thank you very much

Good evening sir. You have a very large amount of work on the housework. When I look at these photos, it seems to me that you still have 10 people working. This is certainly a joke, but for one person there is so much work. I am sincerely glad that you do this work with particular love and enable us to see your farm in more detail and to have an idea of ​​the nature and climate of your region. Flowers, this is a separate topic, they are always very beautiful, when I always open your post, I show it to my mother when I have an opportunity. It's great. I want to thank you for the high-quality and informative publication. Health to you and your loved ones

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

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