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2019-04-21 20.57.25-S.jpg

I am going to work on this post a little at a time today. I have a lot of work I need to get done, and I slept in this morning which throws me off schedule. I had some help today so took advantage of it and did a lot of cleaning. More to do to get accumulated junk out of my barn but made major progress in two days.

It is almost time for my evening meal so figure I better finish this post because tomorrow is going to be busy too.

The above flower is another Hyacinth. They are one of the first plants up after a cold winter.

A couple of posts ago I shared some container gardening in my greenhouse ( I thought I would share the growth of my tomato plants since then.


These next two photos are different photographs of two wildflowers that I used previously. I believe they are well worth seeing from a different focus:



The final photograph is a photograph of a doe with last year's twins. They show up on my game cameras frequently:


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I would remind everyone that the issues in Venezuela are far from over. Here are a couple of links for programs in Venezuela that can still use our aid. I plan on adding them as partial beneficiaries to this post:!/@aid.venezuela/30wfgrql0 (They continue to accept donation through Fundition until their new program begins)!/@arrozymangophoto/z31fxh41j (new Fundition program building off of first one)

They are providing good documentation of what they are doing through video, photographs, and narrative). Please take the time and check them out.

There are two other programs located in Bangladesh that I have tried to support as well, and both can always use assistance. Each has an important role to play in their community.

Check all their blogs for more information on the excellent work they have begun.

Well it is time to close out this post. It is long past my evening meal and I am tired. I hope each of you finds something in my post you enjoy.

I am using a Canon EOS Rebel T5 for all of these photographs, except where noted.


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Great selection of photographs Grandpa, and wonderful information on SBI

Thank you hon. I appreciate it

Greetings @ r2cornell

Your nursery is organized, we hope that the plants will develop and give good fruits

Thanks for sharing your work.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

I am eating fresh cucumbers from my is a nice reward to keep me motivated.

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The spring bring such a wonderful flowers with him

What a beautiful flowers, have a great weekend everybody

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you always have a busy time. that you use to work. I like all flower shoots. namely Hyacinth flowers, and wild flowers too. I also like deer because I've never seen a deer.

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Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Hello sir @r2cornell, nice to meet you again. as always you are always active in doing any activity. I am amazed by you. in general, if someone has reached the age of 60, then he stops to do activities. even more so when doing strenuous activities. and maybe that I feel because of his unstable health. causing him to be unable to work.

But you are always passionate. you are able to do activities. even if it's a heavy activity. that's what makes me very impressed with you. like you usually do a photo shoot of some flowers. I like the Hyacinth flower, because the color is very bright. I also like the other flowers you display.

Hopefully your days will always be fun. my greetings to your wife and your dog. hopefully their lives are always happy, and their health is maintained.

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Thank you very much. I cannot imagine stopping physical activities at 60, let alone at 66. The more activity the better my health. Even the strenuous activities. I have been building myself up, seeing winters do not allow for as much activity as the Spring season. I do not even think about age, I just and enjoy the activities.

I am glad you enjoyed the flowers. The Hyacinth flower is extra beautiful because it is one of the early Spring flowers (like the daffodils) which is wonderful after the snow finally melting.

I also agree with you that the more activity the body will become more healthy. if everyone has thoughts like you, of course all will have a healthy body. my activities are also like you. I work in a warehouse company. I always have to move items for sale.

with my young age, I hope to have a healthy body, even to my old age. but if I may suggest, with our two activities being heavy, we must always consume nutritious foods and lots of water. because it tends to lack fluids in the body. in this case it will cause dehydration fever. hope your days are always nice sir. I am happy to be able to always see your flowers, your vegetable plants, and your activities.

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Drinking lots of water is important in all temperatures, and yes healthy eating is critical to maintaining health

Omg! that is excellent photography and loved flowers.

Thanks @r2cornell
Have a nice day

Wow Really look photo shoots . amazing nature flowers. great job sir.
Resteem this post

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Greatings sir @r2cornell. A beautiful weekend for you. The flowers are really amazing. I appreciate your photography and beautiful gardening. And thanks for continue helping Venezuela community. Have a nice day sir, God bless you.

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Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Wao perfect photography. Your collections of flowers always amazing and interesting. I m so enjoying your photography. First picture of your collection is my favourite. Thanks for sharing. Happy weekend.@r2cornell.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

@r2cornell, Our body knows when we should take rest and in this process sometimes we fall asleep in unscheduled time. But most importantly you've got the extra rest which will prove great boost in your activities. Stay blessed brother.

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All pics are very beautiful . Thanks for sharing with us . Namaste

Amigo muy bonito su trabajo,flores muy lindas,y sabe me alegre al ver las matas de tomate y cebollin como conocemos aqui ya que tengo unas y ayer las amarre a lo alto porque estan floreando,con un hilo amarre en la punta y luego lo amarre a un tubo que tengo ahi y quedo derecha la matica esperando la cosechajaja,saludos y feliz Domingo.

Muchas gracias. ¡Lo aprecio!

No hay nada como ese primer tomate o dos cuando comienzan a madurar. Tengo que esperar hasta el final de mayo para plantar tomates en el jardín, por lo que al usar recipientes en el greeenhouse, es posible que incluso haya tenido mi primer tomate mucho antes.

@r2cornell Saludos amigo espero hayas podido disfrutar de un gran fin de semana tienes unas excelentes fotografias para compartir con la comunidad Steemit, mi Papá también tiene unos cultivos de Tomate y de otras plantas despúes hago una publicación para que todos puedan disfrutar de ellas

Gracias. Espero ver fotografías de algunas de las plantas vegetales de tus papás.

Siempre puedes dejarme un mensaje privado en Discord para que no te lo pierdas. @ r2cornell's Discord Community es otra manera. Aquí hay un enlace de invitación.

Wow these flowers are really amazing you are very hard working . Thanks for sharing these pictures with us

I love Hyacinths, especially their scent !!!
Other flowers are also very beautiful!
Wishing you productive work!

Thank you. Yes they have a wonderful scent.

Beautiful flowers. Hyacinths are not only beautiful and fragrant, they have a beautiful origin myth. According to Gree mythology, they are the result of a lamentable accident caused by the god Apollo, who unwillingly killed a beautiful boy named Hyacinthus. From his blood, Apollo created these amazing flowers.
I also liked the picture of the yellow flower. What are those?

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Thank you for the background on Hyacinths.

You're welcome. Thak you for the great photography

I like this flower if it is planted by hydroponics

Enjoy sunday with beautiful flower sir. And beautiful pic to see.

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Whats name?

This a Hyacinth. They are best planted in cooler soil. has some good information.

Thank you for visiting.

Hello @r2cornell sir
I feel nature is so beautiful and capturing it's beauty through camera is great work and your are doing it. I liked all these photo you shared here. Thanks for sharing.

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First capture most attractive to me. Your macro photography collection's have tremendous looking. Thanks a lot for inspiring us.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

Привет @ r2cornell Извини,что я пишу по Русски. Вот что он мне ответил:
spaminator ( 67 ) вspaminator • 3 часа назад
RE: отчет о спаме, комментариях и постах - 7 января 2019 г.
Привет @ steem-venera, он говорит о плагиате нескольких учетных записей со следующими четырьмя учетными записями: disable3 eduards irinal steem-venera
$ 0 +0,14 Я ему ответил:У меня есть жена, сын и невестка. И все хотят участвовать. Все живем в одном доме ... У меня есть жена, сын

Я просмотрел некоторые ваши посты еще раз и не вижу недавних отрицательных ответов.

При использовании фотографии или видео из другого источника обязательно укажите этот источник, хотя вам также необходимо добавить свои собственные слова. Тогда это не следует считать спамом.

В идеале, вы должны делать свои собственные сообщения, используя свои собственные фотографии. Я всегда размещаю свой логотип на своих фотографиях, так что это явно моя работа. Даже когда делаете свой собственный пост, будьте уверены, и добавьте свои собственные слова. Другими словами, ваш рассказ должен предоставить читателю больше информации, чем можно получить только из фотографии. Вы можете попасть под спам, если вы просто загрузите фотографию, будь то в вашем посте или в комментарии.

Повествование также помогает людям лучше узнать вас.

Я рекомендую вам проверить мое Discord Community и посмотреть, что находится на канале: # r2cornell_important-links

Там может быть полезной информации для вас. Вы также можете попросить других участников о дополнительной помощи / информации.

Я также отправлю это через личное сообщение на Discord.

Я доверяю этому переводу ясно.

Thank you for your advice.

Its always good to do what one gat to do now. Good post as always sir

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

This really look so beautiful I must say

Hi @r2cornell sir
Lovely and beautiful flowers photo and good to see the plants..
Thanks for sharing nature with us and enjoy your evening meal.

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Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

just brilliant photography.... thanks for share your moment.

You filed the joy and Positivity all around steemit this week beautiful shots and great to see that :D

Hello @r2cornell
your post is beautiful like this flowers.
All the photographs are beautiful but i like yellow flower most.
perfect macro photograph sir.
Nice post..

The flowers are very beautiful. U snap it perfectly. The wild flower is also beautiful. The flowers make spirit in my life. Thank u my friend.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Hey @r2connell .. congrats for another photography..
Just beautiful one..@r2cornell

Nice photography sir.

Hi @r2cornell , excellent post , have a nice day .

We have same hobby to plant a vegetables around house sir @r2cornell, I love your tomato, hope growing well, and give an organic composs :) Blessing

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Yes I use organic potting soil. Later in the season I will plant more in the ground. I have lots of organic fertilizer/compost.

@r2cornell, Your photo shots seriously most naturalize. Flowers seems delightful. Especially wildflowers has nice colorful looks.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

I think many wildflowers have so much more beauty than what we grow in our gardens. Or maybe it is because they bloom early when we need to see the true sign of Spring (wildflowers blooming).

Beautiful flowers.Thanks for sharing... Have a wonderful day! @r2cornell

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In a single word just awesome. Looking so beautiful. I really appreciate your job.

Very fresh and lovely flowers . Thx for sharing .
Namaste , enjoy weekend.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

beautiful.. this flower in your home garden?

Schön das du bei all der Arbeit doch noch Zeit gefunden hast ein Bericht zu schreiben.

Vielen Dank. Am Ende arbeitete ich ein bisschen nach und nach entschied ich, dass ich es besser beenden sollte, bevor ich letzte Nacht gegessen habe. Ich habe gestern eine Menge körperlicher Aktivität verbracht und bin dann in meinen Sessel geschlafen, nachdem ich fertig war.

These are amazing pics, R2. I remember seeing the Hyacinth in Dubai, they had some medical uses too, if I am not mistaken?
Woohoo! It is always a pleasure looking at the deer. Do they start moving in bigger groups as the weather warms up?

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

The deer tend to group up during the winter months and now that it warms the does separate and soon will chase away last years young ones, so they can go off and have this years young. The younger bucks do tend to hang out in groups until the end of summer when the begin to separate in anticipation of breeding season. Some of last years young will also group together for the summer.

Beautiful flowers with a simple impression.nice photography @r3cornell

very nice photography my dear friend

I understand you with the arrival of spring so much work that you do not know why brother in the first place. I want to do everything. Thank you, your flowers are gorgeous

Thank you for visiting. There is so much to get going with in the Spring. Sometimes it is is easy to prioritize where to start, other times I end up doing a little of a lot of things, just to get things started.

Very beautiful flowers. Thank you very much for the good opportunity to see the natural conditions of your region. I really like

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Good day. Thank you very much for the informative and beautiful post. I really like the quality and natural beauty of your photos. I especially want to mention photos of the forest. They are fabulous. I wish you and your loved ones health and well-being.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

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colorful flowers sir. all flowers are so beautiful

I always buy flowers for my mother in weekends to cheer her 💐

The Flower look so beautiful and your photography is so beautiful