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Well we are half way through the week and I am determined to get a post uploaded. I may be working on this one off and on during the day, so I get some other work completed. Our tile work is gradually moving along toward my office area. I have to be ready to move everything when we get that far. Decided it was a good time to pack away all my company paperwork. It has been over a year since I closed down my business, so now I need to pack away what I do not need. I worked on it a little yesterday, but a lot more to go. I will also reduce the amount of furniture to make more usable space.

I was glad my last post went up a day earlier than usual. I had received some shots in my cervical spine to help ease up issues with an old whiplash injury. I awoke before sunrise on Saturday with stabbing pains in my neck. It did not last long, but all that went through my mind was "what the heck was I thinking". I did spend most of the weekend with headaches. It has eased up since then so I am hoping for more improvement. This was a new type of treatment and could take 4 - 6 months for the full effect to show.

Then our oldest dog went into a grand mal seizure. It was the longest one she has had. It thought for sure she was having a stroke, And, maybe she did have a mild one that kicked off the seizure. She has been losing weight and has lost muscle mass. She has perked up after a day or so. Not easy with a pet. They are like family.

So, what do you think of the above rose? There had been rain the morning we went on our photo shoot, so most of the roses had water droplets. I have plenty of rose photos to have available for awhile. I was pleased of how this rose photo came out.

In this next photograph I had been trying to find a silver flower or plant to go with NEOXAG (Neoxian Silver), and was hoping to find some Dusty Miller when we went to the gardens for photographs, and before I left I found some. I took a macro-shot because I liked how the center looked:


This next photo is another macro-shot, this time of a allium flower. Allium is from the onion family, and many are developed for their flower.


I am not sure the name of this flower, but I remember I had a lighter colored one last year.


My last photo is of a Lily. This was at the gardens we visited last week. I planted Lily bulbs this year, but I put them in late. Was happy to find a patch of Lilies...


This brings us to the end of the photographs for my mid-week post. I hope you find at least one item here that you enjoy.

I am using a Canon EOS Rebel T5 for all of these photographs, except where noted.

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Always nice to see your flowers , even in the mid of the week :)

Great photographs grandpa!

Beautiful photographs.
I was fascinated at the 3rd one. I think we have a flower of the same variety, but it blooms in red and a pinkish tone.
I'll take a picture of one tomorrow to see. Pity I don't have a good camera to see the details of the petals. they are tiny and many.
This one youposted here looks amazing. It's like an explosion within the flower, like one of those light-speed effects in sci-fi movies.

PS. curiosty killed the cat. I can't wait until tomorrow
this is the flower we have in venezuela that looks like the one you posted here.
A variety of Saman (rain tree)

Tomorrow, I'll take a picture of a plant some blocks from where I live, anyway

Thank you very much. I appreciate it! The flower photo you shared is beautiful. A macro-photo of it would be fascinating.

Namaste grandpaa @r2cornell....what an awesome color and perfect to start the day with that one. Probably it received rainfall and the beauty of the flower has further magnified because of that. Steem is extremely low and now the tribes are like hope in Steem ecosystem. Neoxian city is really awesome.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it! Initially when I saw it had rained I was concerned about how photographs would turn out. I think you are right the "beauty of the flower has further magnified" with the rain droplets.

The new tribes have helped make up for the low price of steem.

Flowers are at its full bloom so good to see that making the week more interesting with these shots wow

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Greetings sir @r2cornell. Really amazing flowers photography especially the black and white shots are so beautiful. Have a nice day sir, God bless you.

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Really lovely flowers. great camera shots.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Beautiful color of flowers, WHat is name this flowers? I see this flowers 1st time in my life.

Thank you. I was not sure what it is, but @khaimi thinks it is a Begonia. I used an app called PlantSnap which also indicates it is a Begonia.

I think the red one is Begonia sir @r2cornell :). Well, I start to try the @socialbot like you said. Hope going well. Blessing

Thank you. It very well may be a begonia.

The Rose is what I liked from all the flowers @r2cornell simply because of its beauty and that magical scent it gives.

Thank you for visiting. Glad you liked the rose. I spent a lot of time in the rose garden and did not get photos of everything. Hope to have enough photos of them to take me through the winter. Yes the scent is wonderful.

I am allergic to most perfumes, but my wife wears a rose perfume that does not trigger my allergies. Gosh I love that scent.

Hello sir r2cornell, nice to meet you. I heard you have received several injections in the back of the neck bone. I hope your whiplash injury continues to improve. as usual you display lots of beautiful flowers. the first flower of your rose looks very beautiful. added with water droplets. waaah it looks really beautiful.

I also like other flowers. lily and allium from the onion. all looks beautiful sir. and I hope your dog's health continues to improve.

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Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Most of all I liked the rose, probably because I always liked roses more, they are incredibly beautiful and they have an unmistakable aroma.

Thank you very much. I have a nice selection of roses for upcoming posts. I am still reviewing all the photos I took that day.

Hello @r2cornell
The photos are beautiful and the macro lens takes them to another level.
I'm sorry you're in pain.
I hope your new treatment improves.
Turmeric and magnesium are highly anti-inflammatory.
Your dog is sick too. Regrettable.
It really is part of the family.

Glad to have internet again.
We had a national blackout.
The service has already been restored in much of the country.
Now we are waiting for the water.
When the light fails, the water fails immediately due to the shutdown of the pumps.
May everything improve for you and your family.
Stay great!

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Yes I take Tumeric and two kinds of Magnesium.

What scary on our sick dog (Luci) is she went down-hill as my wife's health deteriorated. My wife has had seizures too, but that was due to dehydration. Unsure of our dog and the cause. I had forgotten to giver CBD oil twice now and she had the seizure mentioned in this post and again last night. While she was in the midst of the seizure last night I used a dropper and squirted 2 dropperfuls into her mouth. Seizure immediately subsided. I now put the CBD oil bottle in her food bowl so I can give orally. Cannot put it in her food or she will not eat.

I cannot give my wife CBD oil because we tried once and the side effects mixed with on of her meds made things worse.

I have heard of the power outages, but not water being off. Have you tried storing some? I keep 60 gallons stored in barrels in my garage and I have a 3000 gallon holding tank underground. We periodically have power outages for a week or more due to bad storms knocking trees down on power lines.

let us hope something improves for Venezuela soon.

I am sending you a direct message through Discord as soon as I post and vote on your comment.

Magnesium is anticonvulsant.
My granddaughter convulses, my daughter tries to maintain a special ketogenic diet for her age.
It helps.
Oh, I keep praying for your situation to improve and receive the necessary patience and wisdom.
Regards @r2cornell

Very beautiful all the photos. I hope better from that old back injury.
Many greetings ;-)

Thank you very much. My cervical spine is can take 4 - 6 months to full effect takes place

Very beautiful orange rose @r2cornell. The water droplets on it is awesome. Its so beautiful😍💓.

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wow these flower pictures are really amazing i really love to see your photography. the cover picture is really awesome i also have planted lots of roses now they are growing will share some pictures soon

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Because of our cold winters we tend to lose our planted roses. I am greatful we can visit the gardens at Manito Park. It is a little over 30 minute drive but the winters there are just mild enough that the roses survive.

What a beautifull photo it was .i have never seen such a beautifull photo

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Your art skill excelent , thanks for share with us . also i am starting learning about #neoxian tribe and other tribes

Thank you very much. If you have any questions with regards to neoxian tribe please feel free to PM on Discord

very nice flower
great picture😍😍😍

Roses are symbols of love, love first begins with these roses.!

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Thank you very much. More roses to come each week

Rose color is very nice . Namaste

Thank you very much. I have so many other color variation coming up in future posts.

@r2cornell very nice clicks , so clearity of the shades and picture. I love the water droplets, very much.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

This photos are really amazing it attracted me very much I also love flower photography.

Beautiful flower.

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Beautiful pictures. These flowers are so beautiful

A perfect Clicks with Dew Drops on Flowers that shows his natural beauty just amazing all flowers are beautiful sir, You can also use the #Realityhubs tag in your post which accepts nature and photography posts... Stay healthy and blessed have a good day to you sir

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

I will look into #Realityhubs. Thank you

Beautiful red rose and 1st time i am seeing beautiful Lily flower.

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great and very nice photography great work my dear friend @r2cornell

Wao what a impressive photography. Your photography always valuable and amazing. Flowers gives many positive effects on your health. Pink flower is my favourite in your photography. Thanks for sharing.@r2cornell.

Thank you very much. I am happy you enjoyed the photos. Flowers keep me going at times...they are so refreshing.

Very well exploded.It was refreshing to see your picture. 🌹Rose!The rainwater looks beautiful on the roses.

Thank you very much. Nice graphic

Love you this Flowers photography.. keep it up

This is one of the great works of you Sir, Thank you so much for share it in us & love to you.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it

Beautiful orange rose. I like it.

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Sir your timing to take the shots just after the rain is simply perfect. The droplets over the petals of rose brings the best in photography. The neoxian theme also is a nice idea. Happy to see another flower blog in the mid of this week. Thank you Sir.

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Thank you very much. I do not want people to miss out on the potential of neoxian city, and even palnet. With steem being so low our earnings there is dwindling. My upvote is usually much greater in terms of USD than steemit. I am just starting to use creativecoin. There will be only so many Tribes I can be a part of.

The tribe of neoxian on Discord has a very active membership.

And yes the early morning rain turned out to be a very good thing. The first garden we came to was the rose garden so we got most of our photographs there before rain drops evaporated.

Wow so beautiful flowers.
I like it this post..
My favorite flower post..
Thanks for sharing this post..
My garden flower.

Thank you very much, and thank you for visiting my blog. Welcome!

The very first one is really epic and something to be saved as screensaver in desktop and android. Hats off to the photographic skills. Keep it up....

The natural color of the very first shot is also very very appealing and I must say that is very unique and rare color.

Thank you very much. You are right as a screensaver or desktop background. I am currently using a lavender rose that will be used in a post soon; maybe this weekends posts.

Very nice photography @r2cornell Thanks for sharing. Have a nice day!

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Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Beautiful flowers. I prefer red one.

Wow photography flower 🌹

Wow very interesting article. its really look flowers, this is great photography sir
Thanks you this post
Have a nice day.

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Very beautiful pictures. .Amazing flowers.

First of all I hope your dog gets well soon. Its so heartbreaking when they are ill. God bless him. Secondly, the pictures are beautiful. Great photography. I too have started taking photographs nowadays but the problem is I don't have a good quality camera though😶

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Have to the best for what you have.

Beautiful blooming flowers.

Great photographs grandpa!
tnx for upvote and sharing
great and very nice photography great work my dear friend @r2cornell

Very beautiful collection of photograph. The Orchid is spectacular.Love your flower photographs. Thank you.

Great photographs grandpa!
Wow very interesting article. its really look flowers, this is great photography sir
Thanks you this post

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