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Hello all! I trust everyone had a much better week than I had. It would take too many words to go over everything I got hit with. But, it did end with my computer crashing overnight and my completed post was gone when I got all programs up and running. So I am going to my best to get this posted today (Saturday). If not you will be seeing this Sunday.

The above photograph is of a bloom on one of our Rhododendrons, which I do not think has boomed for a few years. I am going to have to research what I can do to make it healthier. I took several shots of these blooms, and tucked a few away in my winter folder. I want to make sure I have plenty of flowers to last through next winter.

This next photograph is of my potted African Daisies. I used another photo of this in one of my Actifit posts. I am hoping to have room in my plant room to try and winter these over. I have been emptying the room with plans on rearranging things and building some new shelves with lighting.


Here is another photograph of one of my Pansies, although I do not feel the quality is the best, but it is the best I have to share.


Here is a close-up of the Dark Purple African Daisy from the potted one's above:


I was able to get a number of photographs of one of our Lilacs, in spite of some windy days. I hope to set some of the other photos aside for this next winter. This is one of the prettiest Lilacs I have grown or seen:


I hope everyone finds something in this post that they enjoy. Even though this is the end of the photographs please continue reading the rest of my post.

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I would like to share a link for a post that is found on @franciscana23 's blog:

( I believe she did a good job with her post and this information may apply to other places besides Venezuela. I left an English translation as a comment.

I would remind everyone that the issues in Venezuela are far from over. Here are a couple of links for programs in Venezuela that can still use our aid. I plan on adding them as partial beneficiaries to this post (it is not a lot, but every little bit adds up over time):!/@aid.venezuela/7kvlw6ot4 (Here is the link to their latest Fundition drive for Nutritional Screening)!/@aid.venezuela/30wfgrql0 (As far as I can tell you can still donate to the food for life Fundition initiative) (Latest update on purchasing equeipment for nutrial screening) (the children seem to be really enjoying building their puppets)!/@arrozymangophoto/z31fxh41j (A new Fundition program building off of first one)

They are providing good documentation of what they are doing through video, photographs, and narrative). Please take the time and check them out.

There are two other programs located in Bangladesh that I have tried to support as well, and both can always use assistance. Each has an important role to play in their community. These programs were founded by @azizbd.

Check all their blogs for more information on the excellent work they have been doing.

There is another user ( that is trying to help Spanish speaking peoples in the Americas. If I am understanding correctly they will also support users who's first language is other than Spanish. In viewing their post there are users from many places that have their posts selected. I have been impressed with the quality of these posts. Take a look for yourself (

Here is a quote from their recent post:

The @theunion project was created to reward and contribute to the growth of steemit users, who publish 100% original content, helping us to have greater visibility on the platform, always using the slogan "The Union Makes the Force", whose base is mutual support When you click on the image, you will access the original publication, then the curated images will be presented on 14/05/19.

Check out their posts at, where they share several post within their post.

One last social service announcement is a gofundme project: (,45-6fe5a3d30b444a22%26pc=wa_co_campmgmt_w%26utm_medium=social%26utm_source=whatsapp%26utm_campaign=p_lico%2Bshare-sheet) which is raising funds to help Ana Hurtado Aponte, an 8 month old child from Venezuela. She is in need of brain surgery. Click the link to read more information. The narrative is in both Spanish and English.

I am using a Canon EOS Rebel T5 for all of these photographs, except where noted. When I use a photo of my game camera I try to make note of it. It is usual of wildlife.


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Very beautiful photos Grandpa! Thank you for sharing

Ammm you make great choices for this weekend

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Thank you very much. I had a yellow flower photo ready to go and realized the purple theme and decided to change it so all were purple or close to purple.

Wow really look flowers and great photography sir.

thanks for share your weekend post. anyway this flower really beautiful. 😍

Thank you, and thank you for visiting.

Hi @r2cornell, this photo is very beautiful, I wish everyone could have such divine thoughts, the world would be better.


Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

I always love reading your posts whenever I can. I feel fresh and motivated after reading your post.. My week was okay, nothing much, your pictures are so beautiful and I have never seen these flowers before. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.. Sorry about your pc but I hope it will be okay soon..

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Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

I found out I could not recover my most recent spreadsheet that I track investments (aka retirement monies including crypto currencies. I had a backup from earlier in month and was able to find most current totals.

Waaaooo!!! Congratulations sir @r2cornell, wonderful flowers and photography!! I love your post!!! Thanks for share! Hugs!

Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

Greetings @r2cornell

What was the problem with the computer?

The images generate a lot of warmth, thanks for sharing.

Thank you

Computer crashes periodically. My tech is not sure. I have a solid state hard drive with a RAID; actually I have 3 of those hard drives on this computer and they all have RAID backup. It may be the interaction of all that. I am set up to save most documents on MyCloud Server.

Wow, what a beautiful collection of flowers. I just love it, pink is my favorite color sir.

Thank you very much. Glad you liked

Beautiful flowers! Have a wonderful day! @r2cornell

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Your flowers are gorgeous, especially daisies. So bright and funny. Raise the mood

Thank you very much. I appreciate it. I needed my mood raised...

Greatings sir @r2cornell. Such an another beautiful photographic weekend. The flowers are looking so beautiful specially I like the African Daisies. Have a great day, God bless you.

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Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Looking LIKE some COOL beautiful flower in this pic. So awesome sir and good photography. ☺️😢

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Hello, sir .. how are you doing? I also hope you have a pleasant weekend. You post lots of flowers. Everything looks beautiful. It's nice to be able to take care many flowers, sir. I think treating flowers can relieve stress and prolong life. have a nice day, my friend.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Doing better, but I will feel even better once I get outside. So much planting to do.

Feliz fin de semana amigo,que este bien,Dios lo cuide,saludos

How bad the problem with your computer, I hope that everything is very well and you can continue with your great publication.

Very beautiful your flowers, have a very good weekend!

Thank you very much.

I regained most of my data, and had a backup of my financial spreadsheet from earlier in the month. With a little time I have most of it updated.

Wao what a great and amazing collection of flowers. All flowers are so wonderful. Second flower pic is my favourite. Thanks for sharing. @r2cornell.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

finally complete reading your content. anyway beautiful photography. thanks for share.

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Thank you for reading my post. happy you enjoyed the photography.

great photography my dear friend @r2cornell

had a nice week enjoying along with cryptos and watching your beautiful posts !

thanks for share your weekend time with beautiful photography.

Thank you very much, and thank you for visiting my blog. Welcome!

Hello @r2cornell
This week i was busy with work so little bit late for replay.
As always post start with beautiful flowers photograph which gives more power to this post. i like that flower pot with beautiful flower. the combination of yellow red and green which is awesome. nice post sir. thanks for share with us..


Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Beautiful flowers you have shared here. I guess the camera helps also in expressing the flower beauty out

I give all the credit to my photography to my camera and many times luck. I need to take a course someday when life slows down.

Thank you!

Awesome and beautiful collection of flowers. Loved all the photos sir. Thanks for sharing and making weekend amazing. Have a nice weekend.

You did a wonderful job bringing this to life, it's a very threatening situation in Venezuela and well I'm going to check out the post and see.
Amazing flowers sir, the lighting is amazing

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

If course, looking forward to more amazing shots from you

Hoping to get my garden mostly planted and then I will get back to my mid week post.

#amazing photo as before . you are a #great photographer.

i appreciate your kinds word

Hello sir @r2cornell, nice to meet you. this time I am late seeing the latest news from you. yes because the activity is very crowded this weekend. as usual you display lots of beautiful flowers. what I like best is the Dark Purple African Daisy flower. this looks really beautiful in my opinion.

you lost the article that you have written. I've also experienced it. and of course it really pisses me off. when I prepared everything, I pressed the button wrong and all the articles I prepared were deleted. Hehehe
Hopefully your days will always be nice, sir r2cornell.

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Thank you. Yes the purple African Daisy is quite the sight.

Losing my post due to a crash was kind of the exclamation point for my week. After that things are improving. I need to learn another way to do post that I can save it until I am ready to upload.

Lovely colors . Beautiful photography.

Excellent. Nothing to say about the beauty. I really appreciate your job.

I really love your photos! It always brightens my day. Thank you for sharing this and may you have a great week!

those purple flowers are so beautiful

Beautiful flowers. I really like. Thank you very much

Good afternoon sir. As always, you publish beautiful material of green nature and your flowers. I especially liked African daisies. They are very beautiful, really deserve attention. Taking this opportunity I want to say thank you very much for your fascinating and informative posts. Good luck and good mood.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Sad to know about your computer crash and I know its painful when we loose our data. Despite that you have shared awesome and beautiful collection of purple flowers this weekend.
Thanks for sharing and making this weekend better.

Bright and beautiful colors, in line with a happy mood.
Like @r2cornell

Purple color is beautiful color. All pics are very beautiful. Namaste

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Wow so nature flowers. its lovely and excellent photography
Thanks @r2cornell
Have a nice day.