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I am behind on my weekend post,; partly I was letting the post through PALNET run its course. I have only so much voting power and like to keep it above 85%. On top of that I needed to get some work done yesterday (Saturday). I will work on this early Sunday morning and hopefully I can get it posted before my day is over.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend, and are looking forward to a pleasurable week. I was able to get out for a hike to check my game cameras and leave a little food for the wildlife on Saturday. Some of the deer are recovering nicely from winter, although I see a few younger ones that need a little extra to build themselves up. The does also need a little extra because they are feeding their young, and some young are yet old enough to forage. I left some corn in the small ravine behind my place yesterday afternoon and before dark a doe who frequents my feeding and watering station came in and got her fill of corn. She must have her young one close by, because she seems always to be the first to come in to eat. She needs it because all her reserves are going to produce milk for her young. I have 3 other feeding stations with game cams, but this one is the only one with water. This same doe did the same thing last year as she is doing this year.

The above photograph of the sunflower is one of my daughters flowers. My sunflowers will be late this year, but if they bloom I have quite a few varieties that I will share. My daughter started some in pots and then planted them in their final spot.

Let us get on with some more photographs. I am going to include photos of two different, but related Petunias. The firsts one I grew last year and the next one I found for the first time this year. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.



I usually save wildlife photos for the end of my post, although I have a different idea for the end of this post. Her are a couple of Wild Turkeys that came to one of my feeding stations for a free meal. The bigger flocks are just now starting to move around, due to their chicks getting large enough. These guys walk for miles foraging for food. These two Toms will not rejoin with the flock until Fall/early Winter.


At first I was not going to use the following photograph of a Peony, but then I noticed the spider in the upper right hand corner. It is not one of my better photos, but I was surprised when I noticed the spider and thought I would share it:


I had a different photograph seleted for this spot, but yesterday I spotted the following in my flower garden, and thought you would enjoy it:IMG_5278-S.JPG

My final photograph for this post is very interesting. I love watching clouds and looking for shapes. I actually grabbed my camera and changed the lens and rushed out the door because I had seen a cloud in the shape of a Teddy Bear. Unfortunately, by the time I got outside the cloud had changed and no longer looked like a Teddy Bear. I still started taking photographs of various clouds, because there were many different ones to view. I then spotting this one and took 4 or 5 photographs of it. I thought this one was the best of what I snapped. I will let your imagination determine what you see in the formation.


This brings us to the end of my weekend post. I hope each of you find something you enjoy in this post. Have a great rest of your week.

I am using a Canon EOS Rebel T5 for all of these photographs, except where noted.

I would like to list a few charitable users that I try and support. I include them as beneficiaries of my posts. It is a small amount that they will receive, yet each is doing a lot to help people. Please check out their blogs. You might ask why I share these and support them, well I have spent 50 years of my career in the helping professions in many roles, and even now when I have closed my private practice I am a care provider, along with my wife Deborah, to 2 disabled ladies in our home. I believe each person has a calling in their life, and for me it has been serving others. On Steemit I have learned to be careful for who I support in donations, special posts, and beneficiaries to a portion of my posts. Those I am listing here are deserving of my support and support of anybody that can be of help. Some I have supported for quite awhile, while some are newer.


Each of these users have a unique service they provide and I applaud their good work. Thank you for considering them.


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It is look like beautiful big sun, have a great weekend

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Thank you very much. Bright and sunny!

Very beautiful photography grandpa!

This is lovely..the flowers, the games especially. I haven't seen a wild turkey. I love watching clouds too and I see a teddy bear dancing but has one ear..lol.
I see you are using the #neoxian tag...cool upcoming airdrop
Thank you for sharing this post. ..much love

Thank you very much. Yes I was invited to neoxian's Discord Server and have been starting to catch up. So I invested in NEOX and NEOXAGM.

Please, can you send me an invite to their discord? Thanks

I do not think I have access to inviting others. I checked and I do not have the ability to invite people.

Lovely flowers . Namaste .

Hello @ r2cornell, how are you doing? I really like the picture of your flower , sir. I think it's very beautiful. Moreover, flowers that have white spots. Extraordinary. Enjoy your day, sir.

Very beautiful flowers. I like the yellow one.

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All photos are nice . Thanks for sharing .

I think I have never seen wild turkeys actually. Beautiful birds. And great flower close ups as always. Have a wonderful Sunday, Cornell :)

Thank you. We have a lot of wild turkeys around our place. They are a beautiful bird, especially in the Spring when the Toms are strutting around. Someday I will capture that on my camera.

As always some great photography. The rose is just taking my heart away.

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That is beautiful and nature photography .nice color mixing flowers .
Thanks @r2cornell
Have a nice day.

The red flowers looking so beautiful. I love this flower.

@r2cornell, I always appreciate about your photography. These colorful flowers so brightness. First one specially delightful.

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Thank you very much. I appreciate it

@r2cornell, You are a kind soul for sure. Leaving food for Wild Animals is great act and gesture and blessings of nature is with you. Stay blessed.

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Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

Welcome and thank you. Have a joyful time ahead.

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nature pictures is always nice

Good day sir @r2cornell
I get the opportunity to explore natural beauty through the lens of your camera. Its always great to read your posts which are full learning. But I see someone down voted it.. did you notice it ?

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Yes I see some clown down-voted. He shows up from time to time. He has no power to do anything. He has no VP, or enough steem to do harm. He does not post or he would be flagged down to a negative number. He probably stopped posting when people with power helped reduce his reputation to just over 12.

Thank you for visiting my post.

Yes I see some clown down-voted. He shows up from time to time. He has no power to do anything. He has no VP, or enough steem to do harm. He does not post or he would be flagged down to a negative number. He probably stopped posting when people with power helped reduce his reputation to just over 12.

Thank you for visiting my post.

Greetings sir @r2cornell. Really amazing flowers photography. The Turkey also looking beautiful. I enjoy your photographic magic. Have a nice day sir, God bless you.

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Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Beautiful flowers. I think you have the flowers garden in your home.

Beautiful flowers.
I think you have the flowers
Garden in your home.

                 - rihonkeugata

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Hello Sir @r2cornell, I also like to look for s to shape clouds, the cloud that you published seems to me a duck.

Yes you are seeing what I saw. It was magnificent.

Hello @r2cornell
Beautiful macro photograph of yellow flower. i really like this photograph. red rose is also beautiful sir. thanks for share with us. Nice post.
Have a nice day..

Greetings. Thank you very much. I appreciate your visit.

Hello sir @r2cornell, nice to meet you again. waaah the flower picture that you are showing looks very beautiful. I like the picture of the petunia you are portraying. there are white spots on both flowers. it looks really beautiful.

and I also like the two turkeys. honestly, I rarely see a turkey directly. and turkeys in Aceh are very rare. which is why I really like seeing turkeys even if only from photos. hope your days are always fun sir r2cornell

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Thank you very much. Yes the Petunias here are very unique. So beautiful.

Wild Turkeys in the USA were disappearing 40 - 50 years ago, but great effort was put toward bringing them back. In our area it is not uncommon, in town (it is a small town), for cars stopping to let turkeys cross the road.

Thank you very much. Yes the Petunias here are very unique. So beautiful.

Wild Turkeys in the USA were disappearing 40 - 50 years ago, but great effort was put toward bringing them back. In our area it is not uncommon, in town (it is a small town), for cars stopping to let turkeys cross the road.

Very beautiful all the photos. It is very good to read that you have dedicated to help during your life, I think it is one of the most satisfying and beautiful things in life, to be able to help others. I congratulate you for that.
Recently I also started at Palnet.
Many greetings :-)

Thank you very much. I appreciate tour comment.

I will be doing a mid week post that will have in it another site that you can earn in addition to steemit and palnet. That is https://www.neoxian.city/.

That's fine, thanks for the information

OMG, What beautiful petunias, if I fell in love with the previous ones, imagine how I am in love with these, I thought it was a special effect, but they are like that, how beautiful. I have never seen one of those flowers. Thank you for sharing so much beauty.

Thank you very much. Glad you liked the petunias. Yes they are the colors they are and no special effects. I never attempt special effects in my photos...I enjoy the natural beauty of flowers. Glad you enjoyed.

Wow! I really love how you took your photos. Thanks for brightening my week. May you have a great week ahead sir!

Thank you very much. I appreciate it! Enjoy your week as well.

Greetings @ r2cornell

Beautiful images that you see in this publication. The image of the sunflower generates a soft warmth.

Thank you for sharing your garden with the community.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Lot of great shots you showed us again this weekend wonderful to look at all of them so nice it really bright up my day : )

Thank you very much. Glad it brightened your day.

The flowers of nature make the environment more beautiful and attractive.

I advise you to curate posts and stop curating when you SP become 80% in this case your SP will be full again after 24 hours, that's what I am doing most the time it's your choice ;)
beautiful flowers by the way :)
thanks for sharing

Thanks. I usually try to stop when my SP hits 85%. I usually end up between 80 - 85%.

ya position to stop

That Is really nice photo collection and fantastic click. great experience sir.

Wow purple color flower so beautiful with white dots. Sunflower so brightness. Looks like sun. Absolutely beautiful.

Thank you. The purple with white dots is called Midnight Sky! happy you liked.

Seeing the beauty of colorful flowers can indeed cool the eyes and make the mood calm.
Happy weekend...
Thanks @r2cornell.

Good afternoon sir. I am impressed by the picture of wild turkeys, they are not afraid of anyone at all and calmly move through the forest. The picture was taken at close range and it's great, their plumage is clearly visible. I also like you to photograph the sky, the clouds come out special, they are always different and change color and shape. I really like your publications, they are connected with the nature and ordinary life of ordinary people, and this gives an idea of your homeland. Good health to you and your loved ones.

Thank you very much. No these Turkeys come close to our house. They do scatter quickly when they have young and they fly off into trees for safety. As young mature then they all want food. Cannot feed them close to the house or they do not leave you alone.

I love watching the clouds. There are so many shapes one can find.

Glad you enjoy my posts.

Life is beautiful, you need to believe in the best and everything will be fine. Thank you for responding to my comment.

Hello Cornell been a while, I can say you love details when it comes to photography really and obviously it Seems amazing. Your camera is obviously a lovely one, have a splendid day

Thank you very much. Good to see you here.


I see a green little hulk in middle sir @r2cornell. Very nice shot :)

LOL. I never noticed it until you pointed it out. I will have to try and crop out the center to get an enlarged view. Thank you.

Good eye there!

Your flowers are truly unique. Especially liked the first petunia, it looks like a night sky with bright stars. Thank you always have something to surprise.

It is called midnight sky! So, very nice perception. Glad you enjoyed

Wao what a great and valuable photography. All flowers looks very impressive. First flower of your photography is my favourite. I really like wilds. These wilds looks so wonderful. Have a great weekend sir. Thanks for sharing.@r2cornell.

What a wonderful thing to have so many wild animals as friendly regular visitors.
Do you ever have problems with hunters wanting to hunt them in your land?
I loved the rose. Such a beautiful color. Hard to say what it is. redish/orangish/yellowish. In my hometown we coined a word for that color: amameyado (the color of mamey) :)

Thank you very much. I am the only hunter near by and I do not hunt where I have their feed and water. I usually go on my daughters property, or further north I have rental property that I can use to access property behind the property. I grew up with parents who raised most all their own food, or lived on wild game.

I hate killing, but I do not like buying "factory" meat. The conditions the animals have to live in are horrible.

I have nicknames for some of the deer. I have watched the same ones for years and can recognize most. I try and take camera with me when I go out so one of my favorite come buy and just watch them and if I can try and get a photo or two. So when I am close to home I am very selective.

Great. That's a good system you have there.
I grew up in a family where most of what we ate was produced at home (and it was not a farm, just a big backyard).
Progressively we gave up the raising of many animals and ended up like everyone else buying in local markets.
I can't blame anyone for not wanting to buy from stores/factories. I wish I did not have to buy from our local market (you have to see how meat, poultry and fish are handled).
You are so blessed to have all that land and plants and animals. It's the ideal life, I think.

Yes I am very lucky. Must respect the land, plant and the animals that take care of us.

Wow it's great and very nice photography my dear friend

Love these colors . Beautiful captures. Namaste

Wowwwwww such a awesome photography 👌 and beautifull flowers you capture :)

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Midnight Sky! Wow that’s perfect for the appearance of these flowers.

I love these pictures, may I use them with proper attribution to you?

I love the fine detail in this pretty yellow flower picture.
You can actually yellow granules on the flower petals. Great camera and good job with the focus, the details of this flower are great.


The focus on this rose is also great, so it’s fine details are visible.

And this one I really like because the coloration is so unusual!
A lovely pink-purple with natural looking white spots.



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