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Good day all! I trust this weekend is treating you well. I was looking through one of our flower beds a couple of days ago and spotted the above flower. I knew it looked like a Dianthus, but the leaves were different. I used an app on my phone and it identified it right away. It is called Dianthus barbatus, although more commonly called Sweet William. As soon as I read back I flashed back to my fathers flower gardens an and recognized it for what it is, have seen it growing at his place. It did well using my macro-lens, and deserves to be first of my photos for this post.

I have not been able to do a midweek post on flowers or gardening because of raising money for Ana Hurtado Aponte. Please refer to my previous posts on her dilemma and needs.

The wait for some new flower photographs is upon us with Spring winding down toward summer. This next flower is very small, but my macro-lens brings out its beauty:


Some of our Peonies are blooming. I have 4 varieties and they bloom in stages. Here is one from my yooungest plant:


Here is one my my Petunias. It is such a delicate pink and seems to fit with the rest of the flowers this weekend:


I was taking photographs of a plant we call chicks-n-hens, which is a succulent. In my many photos Itook yesterday this one came to the surface and I was amazed:

2019-06-06 02.59.14-S.jpg

This brings us to a close of the photographs this weekend. I hope everyone finds at least one flower to brighten their day. Even though the photographs are completed continue reading below about some important issues.

I am using a Canon EOS Rebel T5 for all of these photographs, except where noted. When I use a photo of my game camera I try to make note of it. It is usual of wildlife.

I would remind everyone that the issues in Venezuela are far from over. Here are a couple of links for programs in Venezuela that can still use our aid. I plan on adding them as partial beneficiaries to this post (it is not a lot, but every little bit adds up over time):
I encourage everyone to read posts at @aid.venezuela. But, if you really want to know what is happening within Venezuela please read the following post (this post may give you some insight into the people's of Venezuela's lives; the news media is not covering this very much:

They are providing good documentation of what they are doing through video, photographs, and narrative). Please take the time and check them out.

There are two other programs located in Bangladesh that I have supportive of as well, and both can always use assistance. Each has an important role to play in their community. These programs were founded by @azizbd.

Check all their blogs for more information on the excellent work they have been doing.

There is another user ( that is trying to help Spanish speaking peoples in the Americas. If I am understanding correctly they will also support users who's first language is other than Spanish. One of my followers does some of her posts in English and some in Spanish. In viewing their post there are users from many places that have their posts selected. A must view to find some great posts. (

Here is a quote from one of their recent post:

The @theunion project was created to reward and contribute to the growth of steemit users, who publish 100% original content, helping us to have greater visibility on the platform, always using the slogan "The Union Makes the Force", whose base is mutual support When you click on the image, you will access the original publication, then the curated images will be presented on 07/06/19.

@theunion can also use our support so they can continue get expose for so many people.

I am continuing to add the above usernames/projects as beneficiaries. It may not be a lot but it all adds up. I have some on auto-upvote when they do a post.


end of post graphic.png



Have a great weekend everyone

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Mind blowing photography. Canon EOS Rebel T5 perfect one for take photo captures. Visualization awesome.

Thank you very much. I am very pleased with this camera.

These are very pretty. The color really jumps off the page. These must be awesome in person. Thanks for sharing.

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Beautiful photos grandpa!

Beautiful Photography sir @r2cornell. 👌
Very nice flowers.🙂

Very nice macrophotographs you brought us, with those beautiful colors so vivid and amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it

so lovely flowers and love it. nature and great flowers garden

Thank you. A lot more to come

Such a beautiful flower sir. Specially the red color feeling of love in aroma . 👍

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Wow! It's fun to enjoy. Feel directly in the flower garden. I really like the top flower, sir ... Thank you

Wonderful photography. I appreciate it

I really like flowers in the first picture, I feel this flower is really very beautiful, I am very interested in this flower

Wow .. the flowers are so beautiful. You photographed it perfectly. I am interested in the last flower photo that I think is very unique. It looks like pineapple. Have a nice day, sir.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it

Awesome photography. Happy weekend .

I see this flowers, but don't know this flowers name.

It is related to dianthus. It is called Sweet William.

Nice name, thank you

I love flowers, they are beautiful, I love those colors, thank you very much for delighting us with those wonderful flowers. Kisses

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Thank you very much. I appreciate it

I m also waiting for your weekend post. I m big of your photography sir. Your collection always valuable and wonderful. Pink flowers looks more beautiful. Have a good day.

Wao what a impressive photography. I love flowers. Natural beauty gives many positive effects on your health. First flower is my favourite of your photography. I m so enjoying your your photography. Thanks for sharing. @r2cornell.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it

Spectacular your flowers friend @r2cornell, thank you very much for sharing such beautiful pictures!

Really.... Awesome flowers photography.... I love flowers

great photography my dear friend @r2cornell i like nature photos

Such a beautiful collection of Flower I really love to see it. Flowers are mood refresher

Wonderful photography

First and third flowers pics are very beautiful. Namaste

Hello, friend. Tahanks for your photos. Long time no see your posts because I was off Steemit, but now I'm back.
I live in Venezuela and will read about your support. Thanks.

Thank you very much. Welcome back

@r2cornell, First picture is so beautiful and in a way it's reflecting as, naturally it's ready for the gifting. It's always great to see your passion towards nature and particularly with flowers.

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Tears run down the crimson of your cheeks
seem to exclaim the help of an intense pain...
Blessed is he who can read it in your portrait.
It is incredible what an image captured in a sublime way by a portrait painter can transmit. As Huidobro says: "Why do you sing the rose, oh Poets!
Make it bloom in the poem. I loved that first cover photograph. Sweet greetings!

Wow we all waited to see this and its such a delight for sure looks fabulous

Very beautiful flowers sir @r2cornell
Awesome photography

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Your surrounding area has so fabulous flowers. These are different once.
But giving big attractive to our mind.

Beautifull Flowers 🌼🌿🌸

Hello @r2cornell
All the flowers are beautiful. specially that first pink flower with ware drops.
it is amazing. beautiful photographs sir.
thanks for share with us..

Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

@r2cornell, you every week captured beautiful photo shots. First one too attractive. Another shots also beautiful.

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farbenfroher Bericht👍.

Vielen Dank

Beautiful flowers . Colors are very nice .

Greetings sir @r2cornell. Really mind blowing flowers photography. I also appreciate your great job to help Venezuela and Bangladesh community. Have a nice day sir, God bless you.

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Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

Hello sir r2cornell, this flower shooting that you are displaying is very extraordinary. and what I like most is the Sweet William flower, and petunia. it's very beautiful.

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Thank you very much. I appreciate it

Beautiful flowers. I like the flowers because it makes my life colorful

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The flower look beautiful. Most especially the purple colour of the flower contributes to the beauty of the flower

The last one looks really nice and special.

Thank you very much. Welcome to my blog post.

beautiful as usual

The flowers look very beautiful, Sir. I like the flowers.

Very beautiful pictures of flowers. I really like. Many thanks for the interesting post.

I think 1st one is dyannthus. I have those flowersIMG_20190522_092236.jpg

Yes they are. I found out I have a couple of kind of Dianthus. Are are beautiful and smell wonderful!

Wow very very beautiful photography . its really look flowers.
Thanks @r2cornell
Have a nice day

Beautiful photo.
I like it this..
My favourite flower..
Thanks for sharing this post..
I appreciate your valuable post..

Very nice photography sir..👌..just awesome

Absolutely beautiful flowers and the shooting techniques are very amazing. Absolutely beautiful, sir. Thank you.

Canon EOS Rebel T5 Camera is really awesome. once upon a time also use this cemera. overall, you click is nice click. and real photographer.

beautiful flowers Lord I love the bright and striking color are very captivating to the human gaze

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two photos is really beautiful. anyway had a nice day.

wow... brilliant click. thanks to share your beautiful photography.

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