Jumping spider (Menemerus Semilimbatus)

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Menemerus semilimbatus hembra.jpg

Menemerus semilimbatus macho.jpg

Menemerus semilimbatus is the only salty acid that we can find regularly inside homes. We must think of it as a beneficial animal that patrols walls and ceilings to eliminate any insect it finds, with the advantage that, unlike the rest of common spiders in the houses, it does not dirty the corners with cobwebs, since it hunts its prey by stalking them , chasing and jumping on them with more feline than spider gear.

They are totally harmless to people. In reality, all the spiders that we can usually find inside the houses are completely harmless, perhaps with the exception of the Loxoceles rufipes rufescens, which is much less dangerous than their American cousins ​​anyway.

In the field, the only common spider that should be prevented from biting us is the black widow (Latrodectus tredecimguttatus), although the black legend that weighs on it is much greater than its actual toxicity. The rest of the species, at most they can sting us if we disturb them, with effects similar to those of any bee or wasp, in the worst case.

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