Great Blue Heron takes flight - Walden Ponds, Boulder, CO- August 4, 2018

in #photography3 years ago


During an early morning walk, I came upon this beautiful bird. It didn't stick around long, but I was able to snap a few pictures as the bird took to the air.

I later caught up with the same bird hunting in a nearby pond.



Camera: Nikon D850
Lens Nikon 200-500mm


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The heron symbolises the hermit. Majestic to come across. Beautiful pictures :)

nice capture
fabulous one

Wow.i love these photos

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great click, the reflection of wings in the water and the splash makes it more it.

Beautiful photos, it has a painting like quality I really love. The grey feathers and the details of the water are so clear they seem to be unreal (for me)
Love it, thank you for sharing

Nice shot and I really love the one with the reflection. Always a nice present of nature to watch this kind of birds.

big blue wings..! perfect timing

Wow! I don't think you could have captured this beauty any better! So beautiful, the reflection, the splash of water, the bird taking flight...all of it!!

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