Stone Wall at Sunset - Fort William, Scotland

in #photography3 years ago


This image was captured in Fort William Scotland. The D40x was a good little camera for the time, but it was difficult to capture HDR images. I had no tripod, so I had to carefully balance the camera on a rock and try not to move it while modifying the exposure settings on the camera to get all 3 shots needed to build the HDR. I used Photomatix to process the HDR image.

Camera: D40x
Lens: 10-20mm f/4.0-5.6
1/4sec at f / 10 ISO 100 14mm


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absolutely gorgeous! one of my favorite things about scotland was the incredible clouds. i've never seen so many shades of gray in the sky at the same moment. fond memories.. nao wants to hear bagpipe mooozic

정말 멋진 사진입니다. 좋은 감상했습니다. ^^

wowwww so pretty

nice shot brother

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