Reflections on the Quiet of Winter Snows...

It's not so unusual for snow to fall, here in Western Washington.

Of course, we get a lot more in the mountains than down here at sea level, but it's perhaps a sign of the infamous "climate change" that we seem to be getting "significant" snowfalls every winter in a place that has typically gotten just a few light dustings of "designer snow" in the winter.

I don't mind the snowfalls too much, because they offer an interesting and often beautiful new backdrop for photography.


It got fairly intense earlier this week as the Weather Service's "scattered snow showers" turned into quite a lot more than that.

Just how much can you balance on a tiny little rail, like the arm of a metal patio chair?


I just like the shapes and curves...

These birds were not too impressed; they clung to their branches in spite of a pretty stout wind and blowing snow. I suppose when you're a bird you have few other options.


These guys took shelter under the roof of our bird feeder. Pretty wise, if you ask me...


This was a large Pacific Ocean storm that came ashore... much like the rain bands of a hurricane, we experienced bands of alternating blizzard and sunshine, every few hours.

It was quite beautiful out, during the still periods...


Even the tiniest twigs wore a white coat.

My wife and I both chose to spend the day inside, in creative pursuits. We have a couple of packed months ahead, so there's no telling when we will next have time to just sit and work in peace...

And then it started up again.


There's a lantern under there, somewhere.

Gratitude matters... and I have much gratitude for a couple of days of snowfall that kept us focused on other things than just the general stresses of life.

Thanks for reading!



All magnificent shots but I love the first two especially!

Pleasure x :)

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Thank you for the support!

If it’s going to be cold, it might as well snow :-)

I miss watching snow pile up on random objects

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