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Butterflies and moths (rama-rama) are insects belonging to the order Lepidoptera, or 'winged insects' scales (lepis, scales and pterons, wings).

Simply put, butterflies are distinguished from moths aka night butterflies based on their active time and physical characteristics. Butterflies are generally active during the day (diurnal), while moths are mostly active at night (nocturnal). The butterfly rests or rests with its wings up, the moth rests with its wings spread. Butterflies usually have a brilliantly beautiful color, moths tend to be dark, dull or gray. However, these differences are always exceptions, so it can not be scientifically fixed. (van Mastrigt and Rosariyanto, 2005).

Butterflies and moths are very numerous, on the island of Java and Bali Island alone recorded more than 600 species of butterflies. The type of moth has so far not been made a complete list, but it is suspected that there are hundreds of species (Whitten et al., 1999). Butterflies become one of the few types of insects that are not harmful to humans.
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