Flower photography from the front yard of the house.

in #photography3 years ago

Hello all... !!!
Hopefully always in good condition even though wherever you are. On this occasion I will share some pictures of flowers. Hope you guys like it.

This is a flower that has a very bright purple color. They grow wild in front of the house where I live. They are very diligent in flowering even though they struggle to live between wild grasses.

I took this picture in the morning. At this time we are experiencing the rainy season and this flower looks still wet. I took some pictures using a smartphone camera.


Camera Smartphone Xiaomi redmi note 4x.

That's all I can post on this occasion. Hopefully you can enjoy it.

Thank you for your support and please follow me @rizasukma.


bunga yang sangat indah,dengan tetesan embun yang masih melekat pada bunga ungu yang mempesona,sungguh photography yang luar biasa kawan,@rizasukma

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