Seven Day B & W Challenge - Day 7

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That feeling when you wanna move forward but there is a stupid fence.
But if you can get through it you will be able to get to the nearest shop and buy an ice cream.
The thing is... does this fence have to be real? Because most of the people build it in their mind and can't get through even though it's not real.

Challenge rules:

Take 7 black and white photos that represent an aspect of your life

Present one image every day for 7 days

No People

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Use the tag: #sevendaybnwchallenge

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This is a sad photo to me, the sun shining through a fence as if it's trying to break out of a prison.

Just break through the fence with all of your power, it can be painful but you'll be fine.
My master once said to me that there are only two ways: to keep walking forward or to die.

I know this saying as well! Thank you @sadpotato