#FLOWERS Photo contest by @petals

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Every week here on steemit you can enter these great photo competitions. Give the name of the contest you are entering in your title and use the tag @petals. Have fun!

The Petals contests are:
Sunday- #rosesopenweekend (ends on saturday)
Monday- #flowers (ends on sunday)
Wednesday- #pinkflowerday (ends on tuesday)
Friday- #yellowflowerday (ends on thursday)

This is my entry for the next upcoming @petals contest #flowers. Beautiful orange Gazania!


Taken with my Fugi Finepix S2950


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Gorgeous!! ❤😊🎶🎵
Have a great day happy picture taking! 🙏

Hello my lovely friend I am catching up on my feed today so will be checking out your posts - I wish I had more time for such things more days of the week. haha

Hahaha! The steem struggle is real! ❤❤❤
Good luck in the contest! How many cameras do you have? I think photographers have to have a bunch to get the pictures juuuust right! Kind of like a gold bag full of all the different clubs! 😂

I have two small, non dslr cameras but I am the lookout for a better one soon that will be good for everything.

Mind blowing flower photography💝

thanks very much for your support x

Good morning my dear friend!! What an amazing flower!! Thank you for the information about the contest. I might join it too!! :)

Hello hello my friend and thanks very much. Yes you should enter too, its awesome! Have a beautiful day and an incredible weekend trip xxx

Thank you lovely! I'm just packing my luggage and ready to take off early in the morning! :)

wo-hooooo! Happy Trails xxxx

Beautiful entrance, the best of luck.

thanks very much for your comment

Hay mam nice photography.

thanks for your nice comment and support.

hey..nice to see you..Dear
and..so nice capture.

thanks very much, nice to see you too.

beautiful natural photography...awesome to look at

Stunning shot @sallybeth !

Looks really nice !

thank you soooo much xx

What lush flowers - A really beautiful photograph!

Upvoted and resteemed :D

thank you very much, they are super lush I agree haha. I appreciate the resteem [email protected]

The color of this flower is beautiful, energizing, beautiful photo, a hug from my heart for you ❁❤

Such a sweet comment thanks my friend xx

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Awesome Work!

I've verified that your photography is original, and that means it's so good that I had to check.

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