Looks like a beautiful place!

Yes, it's a very special place!

Do you know the name of those cactus plants? I've seen them everywhere in Malta, but couldn't find out the name.

I don't know. We use the generic "cactus" name.

Still thank you :)

Beautiful!! Wish I was living there & not in this cold!! Enjoy the sun! :D

I think many people have heard of the name 'Ipanema beach' but I had no idea of the surroundings... Many cacti! Impressive!

"Arpoador" is a big rock besides the famous Ipanema beach.

Hey. is it a cactus garden?
I guess I was afraid to get in there: D
but you have a great photo. the use of soft light is great. and composition.
beautiful photo, successful shooting. look at the pastel shades of future clouds. the oil painting resembles a picture! congratulations.

In my grandparent's garden there are three of these cactus...their fruits are really delicious when they are like red or pink... i call them pinky :D

Thank you for sharing this picture with us and have a nice day my friend... :)

wow I thought this was arizona at first! So pretty!

Such a beautiful scene!

nice view , I hope someday will come to that place

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