Photography on healthy apple fruits

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If we eat Apple fruit regularly , We can increase our blood in our body . We can remove teeth problems and It reduces the germs attack of teeth . It keeps us eyes heathy and teeth healthy . It contains calcium , It protects us teeth.The gums play a very effective role in solving any problem .
Apple protects us against macular degradation.This disease destroys the retina of our eyes. We become the blind slowly .Apple contains beta carotene and It reduces terrible beta carotene diseases .Apple includes calcium and manganese and Calcium plays a very important role in bone formation and manganese makes bones strong.



Apple helps us to reduce our weight . Really Apple has a lot of fiber and a lot less fat. If you want to reduce your weight , you can eat Apple fruit regularly . It increases our digestion power .Apple fruit contains bromelain which helps to improve our digestion power .



Yesterday I went to Memari town. There I bought 500 grams Apple fruits. After buying this fruit , I had returned my home finally .

Phone camera : Mi A1

Capture by : @simaroy

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