Complete Guide To Sub-Ohm Vaping

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Sub-ohm vaping is a vaping when the resistance of your atomizer coils is less than one ohm of resistance. Some people prefer sub-ohm vaping because it brings increase in the power output of fixed voltage vaporizers, for example like mechanical vaping mods and non-variable regulated vaporizers to produce much more vapor and flavor. It’s very controversial and complex topic among vaping crowd. This article will try to break down and explain this style of vaping so you make clear decision if sub-ohm vaping suits you.

Variable Voltage / Variable Wattage Mods, Mechanical Mods consume electricity to work and they are powered by electric batteries. Sub-ohm vaping uses the most basic electric principles like Ohm’s law. This physics law tells us if we use non variable voltage producer like the battery then by decreasing resistance ohms in your coils you will increase the power production wattage in your mechanical vaping mod. Safety is number one priority in practicing Sub Ohm vaping. The Ohm’s law states that by decreasing resistance you increase the amperage of current assuming you keep the same voltage. The increase in amount of current causes higher heat production from the battery and coils, so you have to be very careful not to exceed the amperage maximum limit for your battery otherwise this might cause explosion

Risks in Sub-Ohm vaping
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