Make Your Vape Coils

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In case you are considering or already chose to go into the world of rebuildable atomizers. Then we we are going to try to provide you everything you have to know to rebuild a basic 1.2 ohms single micro coil and .6 ohms dual micro coils for the RDA. Before we will begin we have to state that there are some hazards associated with short circuits in any electrical gadget as such please adhere to the steps in this article to guarantee you are making coils and vaping safely.

Equipment List to Build Your Coil

ohms reader

RDA of your selection

Resistance Wire: Kanthal or NiChrome (in this article we have 28ga Kanthal)

little blue 2mm screwdriver (come with majority of RDA’s)

extra small screwdriver or Allen key that rights for the RDA’s screws.

little butane or propane lighter.

Tweezers (ceramic tipped is better), needle nose pliers, or tongs.

little wire cutters or nail scissors


Wicking Materials like organic cotton, silica, eko-wool etc.


Before Building

In case you still didn’t get an ohms reader please do not try to make your own coils Now that you stock all the supplies you should, before you will begin wrapping coils you will have to decide how many wraps your coil will require to have to attain the chosen resistance. To accomplish this there are many tools accessible. We suggest the coil wrapping calculator at by modifying the variables like wire size 28ga, coil kind (single) target resistance (1.2 ohms), internal coil diameter 2mm leg size 4mm this calculator will inform you precisely how many wraps you have to make. In this article our 1.2 ohm single coil will have eight full wraps.

Oxidizing A Wire

First you would have to cut a slice of your kanthal resistance wire. While 3 inches is likely enough it is frequently simpler for novices to have a little extra to hold onto so we suggest cutting a 4-5 inch piece of wire. You will then want to grip the end of the wire with your tweezers, pliers, forceps. Light the torch and cautiously heat the kanthal wire at one end till it glows orange then gradually move the torch down the whole piece of wire. Give the wire a short period of time to cool then take the other end of the wire and repeat. Oxidizing the wire will do it less “springy” and simpler to operate with.

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